bx 3pt hitch

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Dec 28, 2010
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Here's the problem... you're probably not going to pick the whole shed up in the manner you describe, rather, just one end of it (it would be terribly unstable lifted in that manner). Therefore, you are essentially towing/pulling/sliding the shed. Which coincidentally is the same size as my chicken house (a converted 8X12 yard shed). This would not be a problem except that you are now dragging a load with the load point well above the rear axle line of your tractor. Thus the front of the tractor is going to go straight up in the air when you apply power to the wheels. The situation doesn't improve a whole lot even if you tow from the three point hitch arms, they are still too high and too far back from the axle to tow safely. YOU SHOULD ONLY TOW/DRAG A LOAD FROM THE STATIONARY DRAW-BAR! Don't believe me, read the operators manual.

Now, will the three point lift one end of the shed at the ends of the 3 point links? Yeah, probably. Heck, even the category O - 3 point on my old 14 hp Cub Cadet will pick up one end of my chicken shed (I've done it to level it out). But it ain't gonna go anywhere with it.

Just throw a couple of 4X4 skids under that puppy, nail/screw them in place temporarily, hook a log chain to the DRAW-BAR and drag it where ever you want it. (Oh, it's a good idea to brace the skids apart in the front where the chain is hooked :rolleyes: don't ask!)


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Sep 18, 2009
Got to agree with eric on this one and without the pipe under it if you try to pull dont like them wheelies myself. Done that one the first day I had my 7100. Let us know what happens. handy

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Dec 21, 2009
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You can push the shed around by hand if its up on pipe. Might need 3 people to help with the shed and the pipe. As one pipe rolls out the back someone needs to run to the front and place it on the ground. I used to build sheds with a buddy of mine and thats how we moved them. I actually loaded two 6x8 shed on a 6x16 deck over equipment trailer and used pipes to get them up on the trailer and just pushed them up by hand.