2 like new Kubota 6' front mount snowblowers for sale.


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Jan 14, 2021
I have 2 like new 6' Kubota front mount snowblowers for sale. One is an L2195 for $5,000 and the other is the commercial model L4474 for $7,500. They both come with all brackets, frames and driveshafts. The L4474 also has an electrical priority valve so you can control the snow chute deflector in case you don't have a third function valve. The L2195 fits the 40 and 30 series models and the L4474 fits the 60 series. According to Kubota literature, the L4474 would also fit the earlier models with different mounting brackets. Both are absolutely like new. I believe that the L2195 goes for close to $7,000 and the L4474 was $12,000. (I have the original dealers price for that one. I'm in Northwest Montana.