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    Under armor for use with the BX2380

    I have a BXexpanded Under Armor That I used one season BX2380. It protected the underside of the tractor while using the Loader. It is in excellent condition. Will not work with the mid-PTO in use. But, when clearing brush, logs. etc. with the loader it effectively protects the underside...
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    Piranha Tooth Bar for BX2380, BX2680

    I appreciate your reply. Where do you think the tooth bar should be priced. Remember, the tooth bar package is quite heavy for shipping purposes.
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    Piranha Tooth Bar for BX2380, BX2680

    I no longer have the BX2380, so am unable to measure the loader. However, the tooth bar fits the LA344 Front End Loader. If a perspective buyer wishes, I will open the package and measure the actual width of the bar.
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    Piranha Tooth Bar for BX2380, BX2680

    I have a BXexpanded Piranha tooth bar for the BX2380, BX2680. It may fit other front end loaders, you would have to check. This bar was ordered a year ago and is still in its original packaging. The shipping box has never been opened so the bar is still new in the box. Originally $259 plus...
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    Hydraulic Line Connection Problem

    I have a 2380 that I am trying to mount the front snow blade and adapter to. This is the second year I have had this setup. I mounted the adapter for the blade without and problems. However, I have been unable to connect the hydraulic hoses to the tractor. I have tried to release pressure on the...
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    LX2610 BORA 2" Wheel Spacer Install

    Thank you for the quick reply. It's just what I needed.
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    LX2610 BORA 2" Wheel Spacer Install

    Tchess450 are you saying that these spacers will fit my BX2380? If so, I intend to buy a set.
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    I have a BX2380 and installed the UnderArmor. Very simple install. It covers the Hyd. Filter and there was no need to remove the cover that is installed to protect the fan blade. It is one of the best purchases I made for my Kubota.
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    Mid PTO Problem on BX2380

    Henry, Thanks for the fatherly advise. I did exactly as you suggested and it eventually shifted to the mid-PTO. I don't want to go thru that again.
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    Mid PTO Problem on BX2380

    I was mowing yesterday and when finished I disengaged the PTO and then accidentally shifted the PTO to the rear position. Now, I can't seem to get it to shift back to the Mid-PTO to power my mower. I only have 20 hrs on my BX2380. Can anyone suggest how I can get the PTO back to the correct...
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    I have a BX2380 and it mows fine.I actually think it mows better than my JD X540. I always mow with the loader off. Much easier to handle and much better balance.
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    BX2380 and Snow Blower Problem

    Ken: I'll give that a check in the morning. Thanks.
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    BX2380 and Snow Blower Problem

    I have a new BX2380. I've only put 3 hours on it since taking delivery. All the time has been spent blowing snow. I've noticed if I raise the 50" blower to its full height there is a terrible grinding sound. I'm sure this is caused by something coming in contact with the PTO shaft.The blower was...
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    BX2380 Wiring for LED Work Lights?

    Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to eliminate the relay, use 14 guage wire, get a properly rated switch and wire directly to the battery, using an inline fuse. I'll report back the results. I do appreciate all the help.