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  • Sorry for the delay, but I just noticed your message this morning. I guess this forum does not notify about visitor messages.

    Anyway, I installed a cooling fan (https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00065JM8U) in mine. It draws 1.2 amps on high and half that on low. The B7100 dynamo (10 amps) has no problem with that, even with LED worklights front and rear.

    That said, the fan mount broke from metal fatigue after about 15 months. I think it was the rocking and rolling from hanging from the roof while bouncing over uneven terrain.

    Morning Torch, I have seen several of your post about B7100 tractor. I have a B7100 HST-D purchased in 1996. The tractor is in perfect condition but in central Texas I am considering building canopy and would like to install a cooling fan in the canopy.
    Looking for service repair manual for kubota rotary tiller, model FL1000. How to remove blade shaft from shaft assembly.
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