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    Run one past the oh great ones

    4 years? Wow, i didnt realize how time flies. So this 3 point modifucation has worked flawlessly. There has been seepage where oil has bypassed the pistons, but one night with upward pressure on cylinders and it has been reset. Happy with how it works.
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    Vaccination opinions wanted...

    I had 3 shots. First one was the astrazeneca. I didnt connect my muscle issues in my legs until almost a year later. After learning the risks and responsibilities of the health care system my chances are better without the shot. watching news yesterday, covid has strands of dna that were...
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    42 years ago today, January 2nd 1980

    Two years ago, also jan2. almost 14 years,yellow lab. Was a good dog, but i knew she was suffering. As much as i want another dog, it was very hard to say goodbye. I dont know how i could do that again. I give my friends dogs extra attention now.
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    Smell Mystery

    Every house has a vent stack. Im thinking you may want to rethink the propane smell. Maybe hagrid wasnt too far off…
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    Projects you shouldn't start (and know better)

    Buddy buys used truck. Needs 4 ball joints. Broke a few bolts. Wish i didnt let him help. Taking 2xlonger.
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    MOPAR guys

    Will be two years since i aquired was rough still is but it drives and all that now.
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    MOPAR guys

    I have. And dimmer. In my mopar. 51 Fargo. 360/727…
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    Shortening a chain saw chain?

    Many shops that sell chains make them up as well, the 5 or 6 dollars to have it shortened is less than buying another chain. i have made 100’s and 100’s of chains and its easy with the right tools and correct repair links. Repair links are brand specific. Oregon,stihl and windsor chain parts...
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    Soffit Mystery

    There were awnings there at one time and thats how they closed it up after removing them. There should be no insulation in the soffits. Should go just above outside walls. Im betting some or all the windows were changed, some larger ones installed.
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    Pellet gun scope

    My pigeon gun started off with a garage sale scope and some home made mounts(hose clamps). At night with a good flaslight i could see the pellets. Had to shoot at the feet to hit center mass. Fox ate very well for a while, got 27 over a couple weeks. Two years later the fox still drops by to...
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    Freakin druggies

    Guys are getting $400 for some convertors. dont have to do the math, one 10 converter night and you are set for the month! The fact is, the buyers are not police, but there are only a few, buyers in the city, park an officer at each one for a month,and it would end.
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    How much time do you spend?

    Buddy works in a far away land. Everything hits the ground, nothing is recycled. And those torrential downpours wash all that litter into the bay. It is a shame that recyling isnt what its made out to be. I used to be dilligent with what gets recycled, now, like everyone else, metals, glass and...
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    Deionized water

    Chrysler reccomended de-mineralized water. That’s it. even distilled water is marginally better. Remember back when coolant was green? And a head gasket failure was rare? Typically back then the coolant changed itself when a water pump sprung a leak.
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    Little Unplanned Nissan Project

    I remember doing something in a saturn years ago. -30 and buddy’s wife couldnt get car to move. That one broke a clip. So if i recall i made a sheet metal clip and fixed it permanently.
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    Weird tire issue

    Broken belts. Not uncommon. Carlisle used to be good. Not any more. Usually thats from hitting something on highway or a nasty pothole. i have seen some pretty nasty looking tires in my garage years. Some i was nervous about just letting the air out.