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    Summit Hydraulics electric rear remote valve kit - Kubota L3901

    Still working out the details. Dan
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    Its simply good planning to build in extra capacity up front. Its not expensive and gives you room to grow. The history of residential electrical usage in this country is clear. It has grown and there is every reason to believe it will continue to grow. I am old enough to have lived in homes...
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    You are confusing capacity with usage. Dan
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    In this area 3000-4000 SF plus homes with 400A service are common. When I built my shop i upgraded my existing 200A service to 400A. The meter is double lugged and feeds a new 200A service entrance for the shop as well as the old 200A service entrance for the house. I have excess capacity to...
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    Hydraulic and transmission oil.

    UTTO is an SAE 80 gear oil. KV100 of 9.5 puts it on the high end of the grade 80 viscosity range and the EP treat rate gets it a GL-4 service category. The difference is it has a VI of 140 which makes it much better hydraulic oil in colder weather. Dan
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    Kubota Round Baler hook up issue

    Over the course of a 40 year IT career I have made and modified data cables of many different types. Some are simple and some not so much. I suspect the problem with splicing is not voltage drop but RFI and cross talk between the conductors. Data cables have pretty exacting electrical standards...
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    Best 3PT PTO sprayer for a B7100?

    I built a 50 gallon 3pt sprayer for my B7200. Thats a bit more weight than the tractor is happy with on I second the ~30 gallon suggestion. I built this 65 gallon sprayer for my B7200 and it is more than the little tractor can effectively handle when full. I started filling it half full after...
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    Kubota Round Baler hook up issue

    Quite possibly twisted pair shielded cable - not amenable to splicing. If you are handy with this sort of thing you could buy a longer length of the same cable and move the connectors over. Pins are probably crimped which complicates that procedure. Any identifying letters/numbers on the...
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    Kubota Round Baler hook up issue

    I know nothing about this equipment but I would think this might be a good place to inquire. Building cables is not rocket science if you have the pinouts and those look like standard connectors...
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    L3800 hydraulics

    Single acting cylinders can't leak down internally. Edit: Whoops - I see these mower cylinders are pull type - single acting in the retract rather than extend direction. They can leak down internally. If you put a shutoff (e.g ball) valve on the cylinder you can "lock" the cylinder in the up...
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    Hydraulic and transmission oil.

    UDT and HyGard (J20C) are both 10W30 oils as are the vast majority of UTTOs - KV100 around 9.5 cSt, VI north of 140,, and Brookfield viscosity of 70000 cP @ -40C SUDT2 and low-vis HyGard (J20D) are both 5W20 oils - KV100 around 8 cSt, VI approaching 200, and Brookfield viscosity around 18000...
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    Parts for Kubota B7100HST

    Plenty of aftermarket radiators and hoses for sale online. Fitment may be less than perfect. New OEM radiator is going to be $500 which is 2X or more than aftermarket. Dan
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    Mount a FEL on a L245DT

    I think you are looking at a significant fabrication project. A loader with the proper OEM brackets will be hard to come by. Here is the B1730 loader attaching kit parts diagram for the L245DT tractor. There are five attachment points boxed in red: Front of frame Left side of frame Right side...
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    B7300 axle cener pivot

    Download for free. Dan
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    Loader valve problem

    Those are the numbers I was seeing. If it were me I would be looking at ways to fit a generic valve in its place. Kubota does not make that easy to do on those machines Dan.