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  • Looking for a front four hole wheel for a L2000. Wondering if you had or knew of a source? Thanks!
    Vic I'd really appreciate it. I've called like five large Tractor salvage yards across the US and so far nothing.

    At this point I don't even care about it being actual Kubota,. Even an aftermarket 'Fit-'em" as my father in law used to call them would do fine. Thanks!!!
    Would happen to have access to a L175 Speed changer rod fork 34150-23543? I self inflicted this wound thinking the rod was stuck. not knowing there was also ball's at the back end!!!
    Would you happen to have a b7000 steering box laying around. Ordered a shaft from Greece. The distance between the top and lower race is a little longer than the old one. Plus the column and top of the box now will not contact the box by 3/16 of an inch. used fiber gaskets to get a small amount of resistance on the bearings. Thought that was ok till I found the bearing races no longer will need pressed into the top or bottom; they will fall out. Tried jb weld to stop them from turning lol everything felt good until I put it in the tractor and weight on the front axle. Will turn 1 1/4 turn of the wheel each direction but when turning full right and start back there is a loud crack and the steering wheel get 1/8 turn slop then will turn back. I thought I had the sector and ball nut centered in the vice felt smooth?
    im in Alberta too, I need info manuals for my ZL2602DT what to bring this old girl to life thanks Alain Goulet 403 464 7116
    Hello, I just purchased an older l3250 and it needs some work probably why I got it so cheap. All my research has lead me to here. I found an intro video for steering box repair and at the end you said there where more. I can't find them on here can you help. The other thing I am going to need is a new clutch so any help with that via a video if there is one would be great. Thank you Mike
    Hello, just joined because my grampas tractor has me searching the internet for a solid 12h. I would appreciate a real person with the knowledge to let me know what my best plan attack is. Is it possible this specific model is something special because it didn't come up easily with a Google search but other models of the same decade did. Btw still not sure what model year I'm working with.
    Vic. Could you lock a thread? I have a thread going off the rails. I only asked for some advice on hazard lights , and now have a fight going back and forth.
    Pat. Shooter56
    Vic, I am trying to get a hold of you but your email and phone message systems are full. I would like to by a 2 point to 3 point conversion kit for my B7001. Please call me me Mike 403 850 2923

    On the advice of North Idaho Wolfman, I'm writing you to ask if you still have the different manuals for my new L2202dt acquisition. If yes, how can I purchase them. Thanks a lot for your help.
    Hi Vic I am in BC and I am looking to put a 3 point hitch on my B7000 and I just now realized I dont have the top link bracket. Any chance you have them or can I get them from Kubota? Or ebay? I was hoping for quick as I want to get this together. Thanks! Jeremy
    You seem to be the go to guy for grey market tractors as well as being in Alberta. I was wondering if you have a B6001 parts print for front wheel final drive? Thanks
    Hi Vic,I have a b6100, front snow plow won't go up or down, left or right,the actuator blocks are mounted side by side & I pwr washed them last fall & got water in the up/down side,after sitting all winter it sticks in the down position, the 3pt works fine I rotate the handle to the other side work the levers & nothing happens,also do you know where I can buy a actuator block on line or have a part number & manfactuer? Thank you for your help.Ran tractor yesterday,with the handle under the seat & the arrow pointing to the left I backed off the fitting on the pressure side of the hose going to the front hydraulics,no oil,then I pulled back the lever on the 3 pt hitch with the handle still pointing left & oil came out, tightened the fitting & the front hydraulics worked,I'm a mechanic I have the service manual looked thru the that section,this is a good one.
    Hi Vic,
    I have a tractor with the Monroe matic 3 ph system. It's not working at all, any idea where I can start troubleshooting? It's on a sunshine tractor, thanks
    The starter on my L1500 has bit the dust. has anyone had to replace their's? If so, did you replace it with same or is there a cross reference one that I can use a replacement? Thanks in advance.
    Hello Vic. I have a massive fluid leak behind the instrument panel on my b20. I'm trying to figure out how to remove the instrument cowling to see where it is leaking. I suspect the steering column but don't know how to get to it. Any suggestions?
    Good Morning Vic, I'm looking to hook up a BH6000 to my B2150. Can you tell me where I can find info to get hydraulics to the rear? I'd also need it for other attachments. Also I think my 2150 is a WIMP! Is there a better Hydraulic pump?
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