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  • Hi rkidd
    I have a new B2650....like some of the things you've done with yours!
    Gonna check out the tool box(s) and lighting and homemade stuff.....thanks!
    Ron, did you come up with a different closure latch design for the cabbed B2650? If so, can you send pics? I'm almost convinced in buying one for the left side. I'd like to have a right-sided tool box as well, but my 3rd function valve spool occupies that space. How long would it take to get one, and price with shipping to PA (16870)? Thanks, and great work!
    Hi! What are you asking for one of your toolboxes? That would look really nice on my B2650 - you did a great job!


    Edit: Oh - just noticed that your tractor has no cab. How far does your toolbox extend behind the rear edge of the loader frame? It's only 4" to my cab frame. Distance from cab frame to the CENTER of the mounting holes in the loader frame is 6-1/2" to the forward mounting hole, and 4-3/8" to the rear mounting hole.
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