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  • Well, my wife brought home two BEAUTIFUL pork shoulder roasts. So, naturally, I'm smoking those babies. But, I figured I also smoke another pork loin as well.

    Those poor chickens just keep getting pushed back on the schedule...
    Hey Bro! If the weather stays good I'll be tossing some ribs in the smoke house this weekend :)
    Our house was like that for a long time until we had kids. The way schools are now they need to have access to computers at home and, well, the TV is a given for kids. But we do have limits on how much TV time they can have.
    THe most I get out of it is probably the Food channel and UFC. I used to watch the RFDTV but my sat company doesn't carry it anymore :(
    Bummer because they used to have really great tractor shows.
    You know this might sound strange but not having PC and TV will make you a happier and more productive family.
    In order to save a buck, the wife & I decided to kill the internet and satelite tv at home. So, I will only be able to view the forum from work. And work has been crazy as of late! I am glad to see Eric is back on!
    Yes! This is a great idea. Next time I'm at the control panel I'll add this new sub-forum. Thanks for the heads up!

    Mr. K
    No sweat about the loin pic's. I know you're gonna be smok'n again. A PM's on the way with pic's of the smoke house I built last year.
    I knew I forgot to do something this weekend! Take fricken pics of the loins! Sorry bout that:( But on a higher note, they tasted AWESOME!!! My wife has already requested smoked chickens next weekend, which I have no problem with. I totally agree, if your going to smoke something, FILL THE SMOKER UP!!! I will put three chickens on each of the two racks I have in the smoker. My wife say'e we will freeze three of them and eat three of them. I know better, they will ALL be gone by sunday afternoon.
    Holy crap that's a big bird!

    A couple of weeks ago I did three pork shoulders. With the time it takes to do this stuff NEVER cook one :)
    Besides, it doesn't matter if you cook up ten shoulders, the pulled pork goes faster than a bag of money!

    I'm making up some gumbo tonight. I actually shouldn't be typing this since I need to get back in the kitchen.
    From scratch only, it's the only way to go. But very time consuming.
    I better get back to kitchen, lots to do!

    Enjoy your dinner!
    One of my other hobies is smoking meat,




    Now I am hungry!!!

    I am actually smoking two pork loins this weekend!
    LOL's! Have you ever made your own ribs slow and low? Takes a long time but the payoff is oh so worth it! During the summer I can be found standing gaurd next to me side fire box watching the temps. Heck, I even smoke the stuff in winter too! Just takes a little longer though.
    Funny you should say ribs! There is a place about four miles from the homestead that makes incredible ribs. It's in a small village, but the place has become famous for their ribs. Famous people come there just to eat them, Dolly Partin, Kenny Rodgers, Tony Bennit just to name a few. The budmizer below is what I call a food whore. I have never seen him NOT hungry and ready to eat. If you saw me, you would understand that he kinda makes me proud...
    Nice pooch! looks like he's ready for meal time with a bib. Maybe a plate of messy ribs!
    Hey bro, you're right about a couple of dogs completing the family! These two are a real treat. They are brothers and they are always together, never alone so it was hard to name them. So I call them both the Monkies.
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