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  • Michael,

    Haven't received my new gasket yet, hoping it comes in this week.
    I've only driven it maybe twice since finding the leak, I miss my tractor!

    I saw a post where Vic mentuoned using pto gear #1 when mowing, I've been using #2 but will now use first.
    Should I use #1 for snow blowing?
    I also noticed a leak at the head cover nut, head cover washer, nut gasket.
    What role does this play and which part do I replace?

    Thanks very much
    If you email me there I can reply with a pic.
    Let me know.
    Mowing today and noticed an oil leak. I looked over my parts manual and am confident its a cylinder head gasket that I need although not 100% in that decision.
    I would post a pic but am not sure I can do it from my Black Berry.
    If I emailed you a pic could you confirm for me?
    I will also need a part number, although the dealer could probably figure it out.
    Head of a bolt on my mowing deck snapped off during use. I noticed the blade on the ground when I came back around.
    Any tips on removing a broken bolt?
    Thanks for any and all help you can provide.

    A pile of bad news in a 5 minute span, fack.
    Where is the decompression lever?
    I will change the fuel filter tomorrow evening.
    Tractor came thru today. Cultivated. For about 3 hours. Had trouble getting the tines to grab deep, someone suggested weight.
    I stood on the cultivator and my wife did the driving. Will have to weld some rebar so I can use cinder blocks for weight.
    Started tilling where we cultivated, slow process. Going over the same area twice to get a good till. I will be at at 6 hours tomorrow.
    Is it good to give the tractor a break every couple of hours?
    Thanks for the advise.
    Top hose is where the leak is.
    Can I use any rad hose or does it have to be Kubota?
    I'm tempted to go to the shop and buy a regular rad hose.
    Looking to buy the fuel filter tomorrow. I recall a video which mentions being able to change the filter without having to bleed the lines.
    Something about tightening the filter half on, opening the pet-cock, tightening the filter all the way on when fuel pours out.
    Are you familiar with this method?
    I swapped out the oil filter last week thinking it was something else. Just draining the rear axel fluid now, will have it all changed out in 30 mins.
    Just noticed a rad leak...damn.
    Fuel filter will be replaced next week.
    Feels good getting all the fluids changed.
    Thabks for the advise.
    That's A1 info Michael. I like the point you make comparing the price of a rod end versus grease. I will put together a log on the tractor tomorrow.
    Need to do an engine oil change/oil filter plus gear oil in the rear end and I will have replaced all the fluid other than the coolant. I will buy a coolant checking device tomorrow.
    Where is the oul filter on this machine? I took a quick peek the other day and couldn't locate.
    I cleaned the suction filter last week, amazing the pile of crap the filter caught. I don't think the previous owner ever did it!
    Your friend is lucky to have purchased a tractor from someone so helpful.
    I'm a new owner of an L1801 with loader. Beginning an owner log and wanting to secure a service schedule.
    Can you provide a recommended service schedule?
    Have you got a pdf owners manual for the L1801?
    First time maintaing hydraulic system but I am mechanically inclined.
    Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
    I have an L185DT, I beleive the same tractor as the L1801. Do you have any pictures of the FEL on yours. Mounting to the gearbox etc. deetails on the FEL etc. I am looking to add an FEL to my tractor but haev been coming up bust with a sure fire kit.

    The Tractor is 2001 model L3000. The battery was put on the charger and appears to have an adequate charge. I don't think it has the cable, if so haven't seen it.
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