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  • Cameron,
    I have sent many sets to Canada. A set of stabilizers for a BX23s runs $225.00 US. That includes both sides, all hardware, primed and painted, and shipped to you, in Ontario.
    Unfortunately, I have a long list of stabilizers to build. It would be Summer before I could build them. If you chose to order a set, I would put your name on the list, then email you as soon as I know a build date. Once finished, I would email a photo of them to you. Then, payment (paypal) would be arranged.
    If you need to cancel your order, that is no problem (up to the point that the set is being built).
    Hi Mr. Hodge. Just bought a BX23S and live in Ontario Canada. Have you sent any stabilizers to Canada? Can you tell me what you charge and how you send them?
    Cameron Roach
    I interested in a set of stabilizers for a bx23s. Are you still making these? How do we proceed if so? Thanks, Kyle
    Are you still making the stabilizers?Would like a set for an L3300.
    Web link or email address?
    Mark I live in North Alabama and I***8217;m semi-retired and have a BX25D. I have 5 acres I live on and really enjoy using my BX. I would love to have a set of your stabilizers. I have to really wrestle with adjusting the rods. Mostly when I install my tiller attachment for my garden. Could you let me know what your price and the shipping would be and how I can pay you. Mail you a check, paypal, credit card etc. Ed Hartwig email: heart4048@gmail.com
    Hi Hodge, I'd like to inquire if you are still making telescoping stabilizers. I'm looking to replace the turnbuckle stabilizers on my B7300. I was told you are the guy to go to; I have received a rather cold response from several Kubota dealers. Thanks. Matt
    Hi Mark,
    I sent a private message inquiring about your stabilizers for my BX25 a few months ago and didn't get a reply so I thought you simply stopped making them but I'm reading that you are in fact still making them. Maybe I didn't do something right and the message didn't get through. Anyway I would like to buy a set for my BX25, how can we make this happen?
    Good evening. How much would you charge for a set of stabilizers for a BX2370 and how long would you need to make them? Thanks Dale
    I'm in the process of purchasing an L3800 HST, and was wondering if you still make the rigid style stabilizer bars......if so what would be the price on those? Thanks for your time and help!!

    Wendol Ross
    Hey was wondering if you made a set of stabilizer bars for a 3901 and what the price would be? Thanks in advance
    I hold firmly to and believe completely in II Timothy 3:16; that all Scripture, in its entirety, is inspired by God and carries equal weight and importance. So, I resist favoring Scriptures as more important or less important. Saying that, without discounting any other passages, I believe that John 14:6 is a pinnacle of Scripture. If you can't believe or accept that Jesus is the only way to the Father, than you can't accept any of the Bible. John 14:6 also seperates the one true Savior from all of the false, lifeless gods. Jesus is the only way. There are no other paths. There aren't many religions that lead to the same God. A person stands or falls on whether they accept Christ as part of the triune God, and the litmus test for any doctrine or religion is what they believe about Christ. Belief in only one Savior is imperative.
    The verse is liberating. Jesus is the only way- once you know that, you have freedom.
    Your thoughts?
    Toyota's in general, and especially the Land Cruiser line, are about the only vehicles that will hold up long term in Haiti. Toyota's last the longest, and parts are the easiest (not to be confused with easy) to get.
    I haven't made a set yet for an L2850, but it is no problem. Kubota has over 250+ models on the books now, so I sometimes run across a model that I haven't made any stabilizers for. I have measurements for an L2050 and an L2250, but the safest way would be to get you to measure some things for me. If you chose to buy a set, I can direct you in what I will need.
    Your tractor would take a large set, which runs $167.00 shipped. That includes both sets of stabilizers, all new hardware for installation, primed, painted, and shipped to you.
    I know all about the different "funds", and biding your time to buy something. Just let me know if and when- the price will stand for the forseeable future, unless steel costs jump.
    In Christ,
    I saw your post about a friend in Haiti with a diesel Land Cruiser. Very nice! I have a '75 FJ40 ... which is bulletproof in it's own right - for a gas burner. I recently got a 1986 Kubota L2850DT (34hp/27hp/23hp engine/pto/drawbar) ... and saw that you made telescoping links for it.

    Could you give me a rough idea of what you'd charge to make me a set? ... mabye approximate shipping to 30739 (Rock Spring, GA). Based on your tagline, I suppose you are a Christian ... which is a plus for me. I've depleted my "tractor fund" ... so it may be a bit before I could actually place the order... but wanted to see what to save up for.

    Mark- I got those stabilizer arms from you and turns out I wont be needing them. If you have any interest let me know.... if not that is ok to- they were for the B3300SU.
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