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    New guy here...a few questions if you have a moment.

    Matt, welcome to the forum. First step is acquire a Service Manual for your tractor. This is the manual, usually a 3 ring binder, that the techs have access to for detail information/specs. It looks like the tractor was well taken care and serviced plenty. The HST fluid I'm pretty sure needs...
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    The reality of selling a late model used Kubota in today's market.

    You wish it was just legend!
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    Interesting Facts!!!!!!

    That would be a category of folks who got through life and never developed character or self esteem.
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    More Interesting Facts

    Guess i'm ok, found them quite easily. I think it's from seeing specific details on blue prints easily.
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    Daily Chuckle

    Is it more offensive then your comment (FFS)?
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    Daily Chuckle

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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    That project is an example of how someone LEARNS common sense. Yep, no one is born with it, it's learned. When one has the ability to evaluate the results of a decision and improve on the choice next time, they are on the path to common sense!!!!
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    The reality of selling a late model used Kubota in today's market.

    Selling a piece of machinery on contract would be tough to protect the seller in case of loss. The buyer could destroy the engine or some other major cost and abandon the machine. When real estate is sold with what use to be "contract for deed" is now a "note and mortgage" and the seller...
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    Cold Weather Starting Problems

    I'd call the salesman and remind him of his advise and let him know you wish it was installed.
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    Sayings you remember from years ago

    You can take that to the bank!
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    Thought I seen everything!

    Roger, you had the heart to go help a woman that was stranded, then evaluated and solved her problem. That's a service that's very seldom seen. And in these times of no one wanting to work it's accentuated even more!!
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    Tractor Mike - Skills lost

    My motto is: Someone built it, now that I see what they did I can take it apart and make it better.
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    Tractor Mike - Skills lost

    Partner, you have to have the patience of Job.
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    SSQA snow plow worth the trouble?

    I am curious how wide of a plow are you looking at?
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    Tractor Mike - Skills lost

    Many who are mechanically inclined have good problem solving skills. Reason being is very few things are as they are described, or tools need to be modified, or procedures adapted, brackets fabricated. Therefore if you like solving problems mechanical work is an easy step. Once you get the...