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    Delco Remy Starter Restoration - - 1953 Minneapolis Moline, and many others.....

    I got I think the same old starter. Presently replaced with a fork lift starter that is gear reduction. spins her so much better. see
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    Warranty Forgiveness

    thread locked.... its drifting off topic. Not so much a complaint it drifted off.... it happens easier these days understandably...... but since it appears to be at a potential point of no return to topic... Locking her down.
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    Waukesha engine in a skid steer

    got 7/16th bolt in there.... only size close enough available. Will at some point get something better. Old starter was so weak the seller to get it started to pull it up on trailer.. loosened the three belt adjustment nuts on the cvt pulley spring to allow it to slip more so starter had less...
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    Waukesha engine in a skid steer

    small update. while digging around with spare bolts and drill bits as sizers..... found the shear pin/bolt on was unbroken.. In the past had seen the nut end of this before; with no threads showing from the bolt when it was installed. Apparently the nut came off. the bolt is 3/8...
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    Waukesha engine in a skid steer

    advice needed. looks like shear pin/bolt hole is wallowed out in both the crankshaft and the end of the crank..... unless there is a such thing as a shear slot pin.... did some search and have not seen such an animal online. anyone seen/heard of such a thing.
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    Waukesha engine in a skid steer

    starter replaced at a surprise to me good price. (less than 100 bucks) and it is a gear reduction starter. Took a good bit of part number cross referencing to find starter that "should fit" (and did) based on cross references. Ordering by engine model for what appeared to be same type delco...
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    Waukesha engine in a skid steer

    the starter turned. but slow..... and it smoked. The solenoid did not function at all. Have possible new starter (cross reference) that will arrive Monday or so. Hopefully it fits.
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    Waukesha engine in a skid steer

    there is 12v and 24v versions of this engines starter. The engine was shipped with out a starter from manufacture to end user when it first sold
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    Waukesha engine in a skid steer

    bought an old CASE 1537 with a transplanted Waukesha diesel (4cyl 180DCL). Waukesha Engine Historical society tells me that by serial number engine is 1957 vintage. Have been studying the drawings and workings of the engine. Was wayyyyyyy ahead of its time with swirl chamber in pistons AND...
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    Perspective on Covid

    thread locked cause we got a good smattering of science mixed in with the opinions. From this point forward we are just beating a dead horse. We get it. one thing we have to live with is the constitution grants rights to EVERYONE including those whom someone else somehow calculates to be...
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    not getting reports either
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    Tractor won't start

    just pull the battery and take it to auto parts store. 99% load test them for free as does wally world
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    Back again...... appologies

    sorta..... what really came about is my confederate tattoo got covid. :geek:
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    Back again...... appologies

    not that anyone missed me lol my computer took a dump after a storm. Had to get a refurb. unit then re-figure out how to install linux. Been six years since done it last.
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    Hosted pic too large example

    Re: pic too large example Thank you John T. Exactly what was looking for. Other member I made this thread for to share a pic into never posted up.