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  • Are there any instructions about uploading photos (how to), finding post or threads (I don***8217;t know the jargon), and getting notifications if someone comments on a post I***8217;ve started?
    Coach: Thank you for the response. Am unable to access, suddenly, the PM function, to respond properly at the moment. Trying this means to get through. As to the tractors..sometimes the best way is to stop pouring money into planned obsolescence.
    hey coach, do me a favor and please remove my last thread about the guns. I wasnt even thinking about how emotional a subject this is when I put it up. SO please remove it I cant seem to do it from this end
    Thanks skeets
    I'll call Mr K today and find out what the hell is going on. You're right. Spam has been brutal recently. Thanks for knocking it down fast.
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