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    Find TDC on a Kubota D850 engine

    Hi all. I have a D850 engine in a Neuson mini digger and I intend to do Compression and Air pressure tests on three cylinders as described elsewhere on this forum. Engine runs well but difficult starting in cold weather. In these Covid Virus days I can chase down the starting problem. Problem...
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    Mower on B7300

    It turns out that page 13 on this document (RC40-G RC44-G AND RC48-G Mower Deck Manual 2 of 3 (2).pdf) is missing in the site. I had been using "A type" belts (1/2" V belts) and they wear out quickly. I have been told that the B type V-belts (5/8") are recommended. Could some...
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    Start D850 Engine Which Has Not run in 6 years

    Hi I am considering buying a mini digger with Kubota D850 engine which has been down for 6 years but am told that the digger ran well at that time. Battery is flat. Digger is some 30 miles from my home. I want to go prepared. I will use jump leads from my Jeep. I am very familiar with the D950...
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    Cooling water temp. measurement and possible engine shutdown.

    Hi All I am indebted to Alexisferos in his submission on cooling system tests done on a B7100. (address below) My tractor B7200 was loosing water and it turned out the fan belt was touching and eroding a hose and spreading the water and I could not find the leak. When doing something else I...
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    Three point hitch quick attachment.

    Hi I am considering making attachements for my B7200 and dont really need a quick hitch but would like one. I have all dimensions of the Cat 1 three point link but no real technical dimensions of the quick hitches. Does anyone know if there are published standards covering these type of quick...
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    B7200 Glow Plug Removal and Test.

    Want to test glow plugs. Tractor will start after taking off compression and preheat (I count up to forty!) but I feel it could be better and winter is coming. Two questions. 1)Is there a smart way to remove glow plugs. It looks like I will have to remove the air intake manifold and some...
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    Broken Dipstick. B7200 HST D

    Hi Dipstick for engine oil level broke off (I presume due to vibration) and broken end is somewhere in the engine sump. Engine is running fine. I will remove sump during this winter and source a new dipstick but in the mean time if anyone has a similar tractor could they please give me the...
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    B7200 Mid Mount Mower

    Hi I have a B7200 which came with a mid mount mower. I have a manual on the tractor but mower was painted and I cannot get a model no for the mower. Anyone know what mower it is likely to be?? I have looked in but manuals there are not quite the same as my mower Thanks
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    Front PTO

    Hi Thinking of installing a front drive on a B7200 for a high pressure water pump. Anyone got a front drive on this or similar tractor. It is offered as an option and fits on to the fan bent pulley. Thanks
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    HST Pressure Tests. B7200 HST

    Hi I intend to carry out pressure tests on the HST(Hydrostatic Transmission) of my tractor generally as per the service manual but with home made hoses. I am sourcing gauges at present. The HST is fine, some noise but I understand that is normal. I am not familiar with HST's. I have some...
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    lube to drive shaft of B7200 HSTD 4X4

    Hi Could someone please confirm if drive shaft universal joint (UJ)needs lubrication or is it sealed for life. (There are rubber rings on the cross of the UJ. Was investigating a rattle on this drive shaft and traced it to a missing oil seal part 090 on attached drawing which I can replace...
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    B7200 HST D has slight "overrun" when foot is off pedal

    hi New to this forum My tractor will continue to move when foot is lifted off pedal. This happens in both forward and reverse. I have tractor down for paint job and would like to investigate to see if I can fix this problem. Anyone have similar issues or suggestions on how to fix/repair? Thanks
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    B7200 HST D has slight "overrun" when foot is off pedal

    Hi My tractor continues to move when I take foot completely off pedal. This happens both in forward and reverse. I have tractor down at this time for a paint job and would like to investigate this problem. Anyone know what I should do.. Thanks