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    Power steering on 9540

    The oil for the steering on a M9540 is from the main hyd. system, there is a priority valve that send the oil to the steering motor. Check the easiest things first, lift your front wheels off the ground and see if the steering gets easier. If it doesn't you might have an issue with rust build up...
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    WTB: M4011 Backhoe for M7060

    We have a M4011 backhoe send me your email and I will get pictures to you captain AT dc DOT rr DOT comm
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    B2410 Front and Rear Wheels

    Bolt patterns are the same for both of these models if they are both 4 wheel drive
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    Power loss

    Runs ok when no load? It sounds like a fuel problem to me the way you explained it. If one of your coils are bad it would be missing with no load. I understand you replaced the fuel filter but did you check the fuel line from the filter back to the tank? In our experience we have found the fuel...
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    Spacers - Front and Rear, or Rear Only?

    Spacers for the front....hmmm, well as a former dealer I can tell you it is not recommended. In reply #29 there is reference to a front axle kit, however it is just for clearance issues for the bigger R4 tires, not for stability purposes, as I remember the kit is 3/4" wide. The reason they do...
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    Mower mount issue

    Like said on previous post the PTO shaft only goes together 1 way. Look at the female sleeve and the male shaft, align the bearing caps on each end of the shafts, it should slide in, if it doesn't, turn one of the shafts 180 degrees. The bearing caps must be aligned.