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    Another Newbie Contemplating a New Purchase

    All of the front, quick attach, are just that, quick attach. The 3 point? Takes quite a while to get some attachments, attached. Sometimes it takes me two people, and about an hour. The LXX60-LE turnbuckles for the 3-point stabilizer are a waste of time and money. My dealer didn't show me how to...
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    3 Point hitch stabilizers keep bending

    Will these fit the L4060? I bent my turnbuckles in less than one week of ownership (to be fair, I had to break something). Now that it's christened, I want something better. Messicks model list doesn't seem to include the grand L.
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    Purchasing Grand L3560 Limited Edition - is this a good price?

    I purchased the grapple from the dealer, and had to order the third function valve. Salesman A told me that it would be here within one to two weeks, salesman B said he needed to contact Kubota and eventually got back to me that it could be as late as 6 weeks. Very PO, not at the delay but the...
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    Thinking about buying a Z422KW-54 zero turn

    I'm waiting for the Electric ZTs, now only smaller or Gravely (at $32k)
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    WTB: L4060HST 3rd function or other?

    Just ordered a new L4060HST-LE. The salesdroid told me the 3rd function for my grapple should be ready in a week, two weeks worst case. That was a month ago. I'm looking for anyone's used, or spare 3rd function valve kit (L2265) or two-lever hydraulic quick coupler & third function valve...
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    Purchasing Grand L3560 Limited Edition - is this a good price?

    I just ordered my L4060HST-LE with my equine discount and that same loader (LA805) is costing me $6,208 MSRP is $7,760 less 20% ($1,552) = $6,208 You are getting a better deal than with the discount.
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    Buying my first Tractor

    As of this morning, 4/13/22, paying cash is even better than free money. With inflation at 8%, converting a pile of paper say $50,000 into a tractor worth $50,000 ,is worth 8% more than it will be in a few months, or worse a year or more. The tractor will hold its value. Now is the worst time...
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    Size doesn't matter? Since when?

    Went there this am. Didn't have a lot of stock, but I think I could make due with one of the tractors in stock. Which equine club would make the most sense for a small farm? We're not into any particular breed, just taking in rescue animals, and giving them a home. Also known as pasture...
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    A friend's neighbor is selling an M7060 ....

    Exactly, but you can only use one at a time! I've got more than one shotgun for Trap, but that's just because I want a backup for ATA. I have several that I haven't touched in the past year. For those of us just getting started, looking for a decent used tractor, at a fair price, you seriously...
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    Size doesn't matter? Since when?

    Great questions, thx. No, we don't have any critters yet(except for 7 cats ;)) That's part of the reason I chose to ask for advise here. Since I don't know the full scope of the work, I'm trying to buy/size the tractor first. Can't get horses without fencing, can't fence without auger, etc...
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    Size doesn't matter? Since when?

    At present (Apr 2022), using the config tool at k-usa, the L47, with full front/rear valve kits has a MSRP of $61,000, no other options. Once I configure the L47 along with the attachments I think I need, the cost is easily $100k. A low hours L47 was spotted recently for $47k, and sold quickly...
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    Size doesn't matter? Since when?

    My plan to a T
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    Size doesn't matter? Since when?

    Aha, the magic of browser form auto-fill. The profile field is "equipment", and I must have been searching for an lx3310, and didn't notice. Thanks
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    Size doesn't matter? Since when?

    I don't have a lx3310
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    Size doesn't matter? Since when?

    Agreed 100%. Sitting on my ass in front of a screen for 20+ years has destroyed my body. If I don't get out and work, it will end me.