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  • Good morning my Brother, thank you for note about my wife, she was a bright spot in my life in some very dark times. I just wish I could have been a better husband to her during it all. Yes there are several Brothers keeping track of me, makes me have some faith in the world,,lol,, Yep there are a few in here that are making this somewhat boring with the political and hurt butt posts. I find lots of info in here and made some friends I may lurk, and pipe in some times , but I don;t think I ll leave. I don;t know but maybe there is a way to block these people from popping up on my screen, I dont know.
    Anyways my brother have a wonderful day, I am going to go and try to fit the pieces lil brother welded up for me yesterday. I know they are close but you know fine tune them to fit,,lol
    Have a most wonderful day my Brother
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