Tractor cleaning?


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Jan 14, 2019
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Yes,……“all the rubber weatherstipping, window-seals, door-hinges and latches, hood-hinges/mechanisms…etc etc….. have been LUBRICATED and all squeaks have disappeared.”

All my decals are in excellent condition since 1996 mfr) except the one on top of the left fender which explains ground-speed vs gear-selection…. which is worn/faded a “little-bit” primarily due to abrasion/sun because of its’ location. (it gets tools/stuff/brush/etc scrubbed-across it).
I wondered because WD40 is pretty good at removing sticky labels. I have long used it for that purpose.


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May 18, 2018
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I wondered because WD40 is pretty good at removing sticky labels. I have long used it for that purpose.
Yes, I agree. WD40 is also excellent at removing road-tar and such from the auto.
I don’t “soak” the labels/placards with WD40. I’m only using a few cups of it in a 5-gal bucket of water in lieu of soap.

(And airplanes have labels/placards all-over their external surfaces… Fuel and lubrication and service placards at each filler-cap, every static-system port, each brake/wheel, hydraulic fluid specifications, fuel specifications, etc etc…… but in 20+ years of my present flyer, and 20+ years of the previous one…I‘ve never had to replace them.)
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Jan 30, 2022
It is still advisable to use mild cleaning detergents for dust and light mud. Just don't use a detergent with a lot of chemicals because it can erode the paint of your tractor.


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Oct 15, 2015
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I sold JD tractors and mowers for a number of years (dealer)

When they introduced the 4000 series, with their plastic hood and fenders, they'd SIT outside in the sun. With a month or two the cheap chinese plastic would fade. Deere wasn't paying us for new hoods/fenders so when I spotted one with fade, they told us to bring it in out of the sun, wet a rag with diesel and wipe the hood/fenders down. It actually worked. But it was temporary. The first ones were impossible to "polish" the fade off because the green was paper thin and the black below it would bleed through. Sometimes it'd bleed through even just from the fade. They eventually changed them to "molded in color" which was better but much more brittle. The hood really didn't have a catch or prop rod, it just had a stupid wedge shape on the plastic that a metal rod rubbed against. When you go to close the hood in the winter, the hood would usually bust/shatter. I'm sure they fixed them but we got out of Deere while we could, to focus on Kubota.

I use WD40 to take the rubber boogers off of the quarter panels of the race car. Works good--and inexpensive compared to the dedicated "remover" specifically made for doing this.