Stabilizers vs turnbuckle 3pt implements


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Jun 23, 2020
South Dakota
Gotta use the round holes in the stabilizers. Do not use the oval ones.
W/ my Cat II snowblower on my L5740 I have to be real careful where I stabilize it or it will rub. Am I causing problems by forcing it into two round holes? It takes a lot of monkeying around and leaves absolutley no wiggle room. Sometimes I can't seem to get both to line up with the round holes and also not be too close to the tire. Then I go with one round and one oval, but would rather have both round on the snowblower.

Aren't there some implents that want the oval holes, so as to sway a little? Which ones?

(I've never used turnbuckles, but they look like a huge pita when hooking/ unhooking. My JD had "sway blocks" which you had to unbolt and bolt in a different orientation when going from Cat I to Cat 2, but they would still swing out, just not in to far (had to bungie or strap the lift arms together when on implement was present or they would swing out into the tire lugs). I think that would still be easier than turnbuckles.)