"Square Bailer" & "Thatcher" wanted


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B2650, FEL, BH, PHD, Rotary Cutter (60"), Land Pride BB1566
Sep 24, 2009
Yelm, WA
My neighbor asked if I knew anyone selling a "Square bailer" and / or a "Thatcher".
I've not been a farmer or person whom grows hay and that sort of thing (but, I'm always wanting to learn new stuff).
He explained to me some of the finer details of the two items, and I've offered to give it a try this coming Spring/Summer.

We both have Kubota's, mine a B2650 and his is a L30something......but, he's also will be picking up a 1960 propane powered 7000lb rig from North Dakota this Spring......

Anyway, I digress:

This post is a feeler for what's out there, what is the price range, and probably some information!

Thanks in advance!


Yelm, WA