Snowblower Gravel adapter


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Apr 16, 2020
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I did this on a previous blower I had so I don’t have any pictures. But basically, I took 1/4” thick x 2” wide mild steel. Cut it to length and matched the profile of the existing shoes. I bent it along the same lines and butted it against the outside edge of the existing shoe. I did it to the outside edge so the shoes could still pulled up all the way for later in the season. I also added a few gussets to add strength to the extended shoe. I beveled both ends of the new shoe before welding. I tacked it all together and then fully welded it. The gussets really helped keep everything flat and mimized the warping From welding as well as keeping the new shoe from bending upward.

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May 4, 2018
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I have read over many years about the placing of a PVC pipe over the cutting edge of a plow and in some cases over the edge on a snowblower to stop picking up gravel.
I decided to do the modification but instead of PVC used a thick wall Galv pipe.
The unit had to be able to mount using the existing holes and be no lower than the side slides.
So after 2 tests in mixed conditions none really worthy of blowing I can conclude it works. The level of gravel thrown was almost none even when the substrate was not fully frozen, usually when the stones fly.
It is quick to mount and dismount so as conditions change.
In addition, I was tired of the black soot on the blower so also added an exhaust diverter.
Hope this of interest to anyone in the gravel throwing business.
Nice Job. I tried the PVC. It did not like the blower going in reverse dragging snow to pack it. Came off