Slow blow fuse, battery replaced


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Feb 19, 2021
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Red cable is bolted to chassis it turns out... go figure. Reversed cables and tractor starts. Black cable runs to starter. Will need to check the alternator for damage. Thanks everyone. I will redo these cables going forward.
Your alternator will likely charge just fine, but with the diodes being toasted the alternator will discharge the battery when not running. If you have a starter/alternator repair shop they can replace the diodes.
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Apr 11, 2021
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hmm... I'm thinking the new battery has the + and - post REVERSED from the old,dead battery.
That would easily explain the 'poof' problem.
I KNOW first hand that U1 and U1R batteries for riders can cause the starter to go in reverse !
I've also got a couple 'car' batteries on the shelf that are 'funny'......
10 seconds with a multimeter would confirm the issue (or deny it)
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Apr 2, 2019
Well WHO decided that 'car batteries' needed to have FOUR different post configurations ?:confused:
The SHOULD have been one and ONLY one configuration

Unless you look HARD at a U1 and U1R battery, it is NOT 'obvious' that + and - have been swapped....
trying to SEE those raised black bars on a black battery ain't easy the older you get !

Sure ,use a DVM... BUT it's only truthful IF you put the red lead in the red hole, blk in blk.......:D


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Jul 19, 2020
Well WHO decided that 'car batteries' needed to have FOUR different post configurations ?:confused:

People who didn't want to have vehicle designs wrapped around a single battery configuration which could not possibly have worked for all situations, that's who.

There's no problem with 4 configurations. Simply paying a bit of attention to basics takes care of it.


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Oct 15, 2015
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if "we" designed tractors they would be 15,000 lbs for a 25hp tractor, they'd never (ever) break, they'd be easy to work on, as big as a house, and about as expensive as one. And if JD built a 25hp tractor, it'd be smaller cheaper easier to use better looking, but unfortunately harder to work on. BUT which one is going to sell more?

There is a lot to making things and it's a constant battle between the enginerds and the marketing team and the technicians in ALL types of equipment (cars trucks tractors atv's side by sides lawn mowers everything)

Golf cars are similar. How many different types of 8v battery are needed? 3 that I know of and 2 are so similar that an untrained eye can't tell em apart but there IS a difference.

A dodge intrepid battery needs to be different than a Ram battery...they are located differently in the vehicle, held down differently and they are hooked up differently, the intrepid v6 engine takes up the entire engine bay and there ain't much place for a battery so where they decided to put it is hard to get at, and requires different sets of constraints than a ram does.

a 551MF battery and a 551RMF are identical EXCEPT the R has the posts swapped, earth on the left and plus on the right. A ZD21 needs the RMF but a BX can use the MF as I recall, because of how the tractor is designed. Just a few thoughts for what it's worth
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Nov 22, 2022
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Good to know, thank you. I will test the diodes to be sure
Well the battery is indeed discharging when engine is not running. My understanding is that this could be due to either the alternator or the voltage regulator, the latter being a very difficult part to access (removing steering wheel and dash panel) so I pray ots not that. I guess I should take the alternator to a repair shop and hope that is the cure. For now I'm disconnecting the negative battery terminal when not in use.
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