Out of Fuel .... Stupid stupid stupid


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Nov 14, 2019
Eastham, Ma

The original HUH was better at identifying your confusion.

I and others commented on a suggestion for a different outcome. You only provided reasons on why it won’t work; too far to travel, no receipt, nobody hands a $60 product back etc. When you stop listing all the reasons for a likely negative experience and start considering other possible positive outcomes you might actually discover more pleasant experiences. You know.., kinda like the old glass, half full vs half empty!

It doesn’t come naturally to all but give it a shot!
For instance, I do return things that I find that do not belong to me, Costco will reprint your receipt, (that’s a fact) the opportunity cost for you to return was too high at $29.99, whereas for me it is certainly worth the effort - yes at $30.

We obviously look at this same problem very differently. All I am saying is - remove your negativity (if you can) and give my way a shot. Or not. It’s all on you mate.
I also do return things that do not belong to me!

What you may consider "negativity", in this situation, I consider to be reality.
One my life lessons learned over the years, has been to accept reality, and to not drive 56 miles round trip to chase a rainbow!

4 gallons of gas @$5.05/gal (premium) = $20.20, with perhaps the possibility of $9.79 net recovery?
We are obviously very different!
What may work for you, does not necessarily work for me!