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Mr. K

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Feb 14, 2009
Hello everyone, quick update -

Our objective on OTT is to bring together Kubota equipment owners and enthusiasts from around the world into a place purpose-built just for them. We want everyone to consider checking in on OTT if they need service, maintenance or buying advice, knowing that they will be welcomed and helped. I would like to think that we have mostly been successful in this mission but I am aware that this is something we have to continuously work at and reinforce. For all of those who lend a hand to a stranger you've never met - thank you, you are doing your part and we really appreciate it.

It's become clear that some of the current world circumstances (eg. COVID, US politics, world politics) are starting to take over areas of our Off Topic forum. This is understandable and natural since these are topics and concerns top of mind for many. What unfortunately has happened though is we have strayed from civil discourse in many of these threads, leading to unproductive confrontation and not setting a welcoming example for current or future visitors. In response, I have updated our Off Topic posting guidelines to exclude posts with political, racial or religious commentary. We are going to try this experiment and see if we can get Off Topic back on track, back to a place of productive conversations that concern adjacent topics related to Kubota equipment ownership.

Clarifying censorship and access to the site - OTT is not an "anything goes" online community. There are many other locations on the internet to discuss COVID, politics and religion. You have no right to free speech on OTT. You should expect to be censored if you violate posting guidelines. By creating an account and continuing to use it, you agree to these terms - that your threads and posts may be moderated for content at any time, with or without reason and that your account may be suspended at any time, with or without reason. For more details, please read our Rules of Conduct and Etiquette or our terms of use.

Existing members - Vic and I are sincerely thankful that you take time out of your day to visit OTT, read posts and lend one another a hand. Moderators, thank you as well. We know that keeping the peace on a site is difficult, often putting you in the middle of both sides. New visitors reading this message, welcome to the site, we have a great community here and we are getting better every day - please join in, ask your questions openly, provide advice and help us on our mission to bring together Kubota enthusiasts from around the world! Go team Orange!
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L3560, 64" snowblower, 72" back blade
Dec 9, 2011
New Glasgow Canada
I'm all for getting back to how it used to be, the best forum I've been on to date so thank you.
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Jun 9, 2018
Great teams focus on the purpose of the team... that was an excellent team talk thanks Mr K.
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Apr 5, 2013
Porter Maine
God Bless OTT and Mr.K and the moderators.
I've learned alot here and this site has cost me alot of $$ too !!!!
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