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Dec 11, 2010
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Newb here. I have a Kubota ZG222 and i am mildly happy with it.

I live on 2 acres and just bought 2.6 un developed acres behind me. So, I'm thinking of buying a BX25 so I can use arounf current poperty and use for new to help clear out old stumps, didg small retention ponds and use for general landscaping,etc.

Can anyone tell me the pros and cons on this unit? Trying to take advantage of the 0 down 0% apr for 60 mos. peomotion?

It will not be used commercally, just around my property. Thiking abount getting mower deck for the new 2.5 acres so the Wife could mow it:) and i would use the ZG on the land my home is on?



Nov 23, 2009
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I bought an early model BX22 when they first came out with them. I questioned my sanity when I did. All though I had a project or two for a backhoe, I didn't know if it was worth the extra $$ or if I would use much in the future. When the BX23 came out with it's improvements to the loader/joystick, I upgraded and have never looked back or regreted it. They are amazing little machines. And as long as you keep in mind they are a little machine, and use them as such, they are a wonderful, handy tool to have around. I will however be the first to admit. It isn't something I use everyday. But when I need it, I'm sure glad I have it.

The pros are too many to list. The only con I can think of is that they are small and limited in what they can do. Depending on how big of stumps you have to dig out, you may or may not be able to accomplish it with a BX. There simply is not enough weight behind it to cut through bigger feeder roots. Digging a retention pond, depending on how big it is, may take you too long with a BX. The reach is limited, so a lot of what you dig out, you'll also have to also haul out. It's not that you couldn't do it. Just know it will take you awhile.

I know there will be varying opinions on whether they are worth paying the extra $$ for the backhoe. Some will say to save that money and use it for extras like additional 3 pt. equipment. Then rent a backhoe from time to time when you need one. I too, debated that over and over in my head before buying it. Any doubt that I may have had before buying it, soon disappeared after owning it. And in time, I was still able to add the 3 pt. equipment I needed. And let's face it, renting just isn't that convenient unless you have a rental place awfully close to you, and already know how to run the piece of equipment you are going to rent. My experience with renting is you spend half a day picking it up, taking it back, and learning hour to use it, before you ever get anything accomplished. And you are always in such a hurry to get done so you don't have to pay another days rental on it. Then trying to work around the weather, ahh, it just isn't worth it to me.

So I guess what I am saying is if you don't have unrealistic expectation of what you can do with the BX, you won't be disappointed. And I think you'll be amazed at what you can actually do with it. I know I would hate to be without mine now.



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Aug 10, 2010
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Great bit of advise L4740.
I totally agree with the bit about renting equipment.
I borrowed a trencher (against my better judgement) from a friend of a friend.
Ran for 5 minutes then broke, bugger.

What did you end up doing DALaws?


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Dec 5, 2010
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I do not have the experence with the BX25, however I have a similar lot size, and uses for my BX2660. I have learned that it is great for the small projects, but if it gets too big of a project -get used to moving dirt... I have rented a dump trailer on a few occasions just to keep from putting 20 miles on the tractor going from one end of the lot to the other 50 times....

I thought I have read other posts about the BX23/25 with rumers of bent 3pt links, or arms... anyone confirm? If so is this issue unique to the units with a backhoe, or do all th BX's have to worry?
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