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Mar 15, 2022
When I looked at the R14 and R4 tires offered by Kubota, the R4 tires had a noticeably higher load capacity. The R4 tires would seem to have stronger sidewalls, and that would mostly benefit FEL work - especially the front tires. Is the difference meaningful for most people / most work? I do not know. My exploration of tire choices stopped when the dealer had the tractor I wanted with R4s in stock, and the wait for R14s was very long - decision made. FWIW, I have been very pleased with my R4s.
I'm not knocking r4 by any means, they have their place, I just found them to be wanting in dirt and mud. The Carlisles I have are rated 4180 lbs (12r 16.5) and the galaxy was 1280lbs (240/60 r 12) the carlisle were 1810 lbs, but out of stock when I got tires. Both more then capable of handling the weight of the fel on my B and haven't had side wall issues. You kinda making we wish I had taken some side wall measurements when I was swapping them. My uncle keeps a few spare r4s laying around for a few customers skidloaders that I could have compared them to. Hinde sight being 20-20. I would have as it seems there isn't a good comparison between them. I know for the type of work I do they do very well.
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Jun 17, 2020
I had my B2601 for 250 hours (about a year), I have not noticed any significant difference in burn between the two. My anecdotal hunch is the 3310 could be a little more efficient, but those efficiencies are lost during regen so it ends up a wash.

I know when I brush hogged or tilled most of the day with the B2601 it would take about 5 gallons, the LX3310 is the same.

@S-G-R you have been working your new 3310 recently, have you noticed a burn difference between it and your prior LX2610?

I would not let emissions deter away from the lx3310. It has a warranty, and comparing it to a system that uses DPF & DEF like the aforementioned F-350 is apples to oranges. It only has DPF, and its operation is entirely in the background.
I'd say fuel consumption between the LX2610 and LX3310 is very close. I had about 15 hours on the 3310 before I put fuel in and there was probably at least two bars left on the gauge but if I remember correctly the 3310 also has a slightly larger fuel tank.



Jan 16, 2021
Just upgraded from a B2601 (which I love) to a L3302. Mainly for the weight and hp. B worked the rotary mower fine but more HP was needed for the finish mower when it get longer. I really wanted the weight and stability for my hills and it is sandy. Went with the R14's. Hoping for better traction with the combination of tires and weight. Both are ballasted with Rim Guard.