leaking rear axle case L3600


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L3600, ZD1211, ZG20, ZD331, KX-057-4
Sep 13, 2021
Recently brought my L3600 into the shop to fix the leaking steering cylinder. I noticed the rear axle was was dripping on the shop floor. Cleaned it up and it appears to be coming from the case seal.

I pulled it apart tonight. It isnt very hard to remove. Basically remove half of the ROPs, drain the hydraulic oil and unbolt it. I bought the tractor used, but have no reason to believe it was ever removed prior. Almost no sealant was found. The outer axle seal is dry as a bone. Just going to reseal the case and put it back together. Not a bad job.

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Oct 15, 2015
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those are easy

wait til you do an M series. They get bigger and much much heavier

The little L series cases are what? 80-90 lbs? M9540 axle housing is probably 5x that.

but it's interesting to note that yours is/was leaking. That is not a common leak point in my experience. Thus, I highly suggest scrutinizing the condition of the mating surfaces. Secondly look closely at the bolt holes. Some of them are blind holes. If one installs a bolt that's too long into that blind hole, it can (and will) break through the back, and then you have a leak. Also, when installing bolts into those blind holes make SURE the holes are cleaned out. If you leave any water, oil, sealant, dirt, etc in the holes the bolt acts like a really powerful hydraulic press and will blow the back side of the hole out, again causing a leak point. I may or may not be guilty of at least one of these.