LA535 Suppot Leg Breaking Latch Bolt


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Aug 4, 2022
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I have a new LX2610 with a LA535 Loader. One thing that has happened a few times now, is that during normal loader and bucket function, the mechanisms that allow the legs to drop down somehow engage and shear off the bolt that holds the leg up. It's the most baffeling thing. I have replace the bolt 3 times now. I have attached a picture to show. Yes, I know it is under warranty, but I was wondering if anyone has any insight as to why this is happening?


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Apr 26, 2023
Interesting. I don’t know why that’s happening, but I know that just yesterday someone had a very similar post, picture and question, see the link below.

More busted swift tach loader pins


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Sep 24, 2012
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Although I have not experienced this issue on my B2601 with the LA435 swift tach system, I'm of the opinion that the damaging of the loader stand retention pins is related to bucket dumping and the position of the loader stand release lever (left side of loader boom when seated on tractor).

In order to activate the loader stand legs for loader removal, a combination of fully dumping the bucket and releasing the loader stand retention pin(s) lever must occur. In a perfect scenario, once the bucket is in the full dump position and the pin lever is released, the stand legs should be free to fall down into the 'loader off' position; this process likely involves the crescent-shaped shiny metal (unpainted) freely-swinging devices located at the bucket end of the loader boom arms.

I suspect that bent pins is a result of a full dumping of the bucket, with some unintended involvement of the crescent-shaped device(s), which somehow causes the stand arms to partially fall or disengage from the retention pins (likely one side is involved with the other side still retained). Upon curling back the bucket the pin is bent as a result of the detached leg not dropping because the other side is still attached.

If this occurs without any movement of the retention pin detachment lever then I imagine that the solution (once a new unbent retaining pin is installed) would be to inspect both the crescent-shaped device and the stand leg itself and determine in one or both need some sort of adjustment to prevent unintended disconnection.

I've never personally removed my loader (I have 'dropped' the stand legs to confirm that they are functioning properly) but based on my limited knowledge of the system this is my advice on diagnosing the problem. Good luck, hope this is helpful! :)


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Apr 2, 2019
One possible reason they fail...
The 'loader leg' is heavy and supported at the end of the 'pin'. Unless the leg is 'solidly' held firm against the pin,it'll eventually 'stress' the pin at the weakest point, where the threads are.

Wondering HOW the paint on the top of the 'opening' got chipped off ?

Maybe use a bungee cord to help secure the leg up tight against the frame, to prevent movement ?