Hydraulics aren't working on my L345


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Kubota L345
May 26, 2023
My L345 has lost its Hydraulics, through my research the power steering, transmission, and the hydraulics more or less share fluid.

My transmission fluid level is good, maybe even overfilled a little, the power steering reservoir also has plenty of fluid. I would think that the lever that operates the 3 point lift could at least make some sound or sound like an attempt at using the pump etc. It is 100% silent when I operate the lever.

Everything was working perfectly fine until developed a ground fault with the ground strap, which was resolved and replaced.

From my reading it seems that the leak I have after a bit of operation around the shifter boot is not normal and could result in air / moisture into hydraulic system which of course could cause the issue? What are some other areas to check?

I am a new tractor owner, but I am a fairly capable car mechanic through my motorsports experience.

Also 1st post!

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Jun 9, 2013
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If you have lost both the Hydraulics and the Power steering you have more than likely lost the hydraulic drive.
This is because the PS and the Hydraulics do not share the same fluid, but they do share the same drive.

Now if you have PS and not hydraulics that could be something else, like a suction leak.

If you don't have either:
Open her up and check these parts.
The pump is driven off of the back of the fuel cam.

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For the leakage around the shifter, look for a vent pipe near the top of the case. It will probably be under the seat area. Mine looks like a steel tube bent into a question mark that is laying down. I think yours may be bent like a 90 degree sweep elbow.

When these get clogged up by some bug nest then the fluid gets pushed out of the case and leaking from the gearshift is a common spot.