EVERYONE READ: Toxicity Cleanup

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Jun 9, 2013
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Time for a clean up!
We need to do this to keep the positive environment for the whole forum.
I've tried with limited success to cleanup and edit individual threads and posts that are:
And a host of other things:

I've heard from many members about other members doing one or all the above.
Time has come to clean things up and get rid of the toxicity.
A few members are looking at a permanent boot, sorry but it's got to happen.
A few will get a temp ban, take a break and come back as better members!

IN the Future if ANYONE posts anything in the above following conditions they can count on, a warning , a temp ban, or permanent ban, and yes it's our choice to do what we think is appropriate for the good of the whole forum!

If your going to disagree with anyone's Thread, Post, Opinion, or Idea, do it politely.
We don't all agree about everything, but we don't need to Insult someone to get your point across.

This applies to all forum sections, yes including the Daily Chuckle!

Also note: If you have a signature line that is Political, Harassing, degrading, or insulting to anyone edit it now.
If you post with the signature line, you will get one warning!
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