B2782 problems


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Kubota B2650 with B2782 blower
Jan 22, 2022
I have a Kubota B2782 snowblower mounted on my B2650 tractor. I have had problems with the drive line connector coming off the blower. Specifically, on the ujoint there is a setscrew that clamps down on a keyway on the shaft of the blower. I think the set screw loosens to where the only thing keeping it attached is the shear pin. When the shear pin breaks it all comes apart. I am curious if anyone else has had this problem and what you did to fix it. It has happened to me several times and I am losing confidence in the machine. Thanks.


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Nov 8, 2015
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Remove the set screw and clean the parts with brake cleaner. Wait for the cleaner to evaporate, and then reassemble everything, and use Locktite on the set screw. I believe that what you are referring to as the shear pin, might be a keyway, and that isn't supposed to shear even under extreme conditions. It is designed to keep the 2 parts in alignment. Most times that cause set screws to come loose is because they are installed in the presence of grease, which allows them to vibrate free. If the set screw uses an Allan key to tighten, put a small bar on the Allan wrench to give it some extra torque when tightening. Is this the assembly that you are having problems with?