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    Custom Mobile home/palace for sale.

    My mother was a public health nurse back in the days when they made home visits. She went to check on a newborn baby, and found something like the above trailer. The baby was sleeping in cardboard box on the floor. She went to some effort to get them a crib. The next home visit she found the...
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    Roll Call

    Here today gone tomorrow..... (old parental quote)
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    Daily Chuckle

    I don't get it. A watermelon tree?
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    Early Father's Day Present

    Sorry to hear lugbolt, 15 years is a long time to be sick.
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    It is offical

    I might have seen a female oriole today. Rushed into the kitchen and put out two orange halves.
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    Varmint Eradication / Deterrence

    Probably wood chucks. Constant trapping. My neighbor has relocated something like 40 from under her barn. Keeping the area near the foundation mowed short and string trimmed supposedly helps. Less cover to attract the young ones to start a new home. I do an area near a run in shed, but...
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    Daily Chuckle

    Are you sure you're not wool gathering?
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    Crazy redbirds

    Sorry but that is way too close for comfort. Happened to have tv on when I saw bearbait's post featuring a guy who crossed paths with a grizzly while out working. He wasn't pretty after the encounter.
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    Things you cant understand

    Anyone with time on their hands to fact check any of the above examples?
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    Crazy redbirds

    Yikes! How close to the house?
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    Engine RPM Not Coming Down

    That is weird. Only suggestion i have is to lubricate all of the parts of the the throttle connections. They get sticky. Can't figure out connection to loader position unless there is a stick in there somewhere.
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    Engine RPM Not Coming Down

    Not on a B2650. Even though a fairly new model. Below the horsepower cutoff for dpf filter needed.
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    What's cookin' boys?

    The only thing worse is accidentally buying one of the gluten free baked goods that taste like the main ingredient is sawdust.
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    What's cookin' boys?

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    Sounds like widespread nasty weather

    The second video is dated 2017. Did those poor folks just get zapped twice?