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    Safe to keep operating with derate from EGR

    What points to the EGR being the problem? No you can't run it for 4 months derated without bigger problems. Do you have the shop manuals for these two tractors? Yes it is a really bad idea to run them at 1200rpm all the time. What is the minimum rpm to permit auto regeneration on those models?
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    What's cookin' boys?

    Yum! Busy freezing veggies from garden here. Anyone know any good eggplant recipes that will freeze? Made a batch of ratatouille but didn't have enough tomatoes ripe yet and used some canned. Not as good.
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    Awesome dogs thread

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    Another kick in the teeth for VETS

    Find out how your senators voted and if there wasn't a good reason, vote them out of office.
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    Except there are some where you want to go straight but there is a street to get off at 90 deg, and without warning, the right lane turns into a must turn right exit only lane. If you aren't in the left lane to start, you are toast, or at least making an interesting detour. I'm ok when I've...
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    I hate them where I am unfamiliar with how a particular one is constructed, and each is different around here. There is always the moment of panic when there are 2 entering lanes, and I don't know which lane will let me exit where I want.
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    Photo shoot anything lately? Random Photo Thread

    I think it is one of the Saturniid moths, Polyphemis. They are silkworms and the caterpillars spin a cocoon. Live on trees. We used to have them around here a lot, but they like the Luna moth, have become scarce. They are harmless.
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    Awesome dogs thread

    Very cute now and i bet he will be quite the handsome dude when he grows up! Watch the table legs, pretty much all of mine gnawed very quietly on mine when i thought they were sleeping right next to me.
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    Ground hogs

    If either of you would care to stop by with your relocation devices.....
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    Solar power for my new home

    I have a system that was designed to take advantage of the plan offered by Consumers Energy at the time where they “paid” the same for my excess power as I paid for theirs at night. Over the last 2 years I have more or less broken even, they have “useage” charges every month, about 8 to 20$ a...
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    What is up

    Not sure if they are "stable flies" or blow flies, but they have attacked my sheep so bad I had to bring them up from the pasture where they usually spend the summer (grass, water and plenty of trees for shade). Let them go in their winter run in shed, and added a tarp to make it darker. They...
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    Winter Storm

    I just replaced my old (30+ year) old Dayton propane 8.5kW standby generator. Two factors entered into the decision to stick with propane, ease of keeping it fueled in a wintry climate, and ease of operation. I already have 2 500 gal propane tanks that are not allowed to get below 50%. They...
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    What's cookin' boys?

    10 to 15 years ago my claim to fame was dissecting out the nervous systems of fruit fly embryos under a microscope. Very slowly and carefully. Made micro tools out of razor blade chips, hand sharpened watch makers forceps, and glass needles. Held the embryo in place with single strands of...
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    What's cookin' boys?

    Just rub it in willya.....
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    New garden question

    Heck this year my corn is not going to make it to the coon stage. It started to come up nice and then individual plants have started to disappear. Lots of them, like most of a row. Between voles burrowing and attacking from below and this morning I saw a squirrel going down the row and I...