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  • Hi Dan-

    Actually my Kubota isn't here in Atascadero, it's just a little north of Abiliene, TX on my 6 acre ranch there. I only get to visit it about every 6 months, at least until I retire, then it will by my daily work buddy.

    Yes, Atascadero can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter but I like all 4 seasons so it's well suited for me. We don't have many wild Hog hunts around here but they are looking to make the massive 'in city' deer population available for hunting. We have so many deer here it's insane. You have to drive carefully at night.

    I drive through Ventura about once or twice a year, nice place. Had a friend that lived in Camarillo for a while and used to visit him there.

    Thanks for dropping in, visit anytime!
    Hey there Shaun I'm just down the rd from you in Ventura also farm in Santa Paula love my Kabota use it in areas that the Cats are to big for also the 3pt hitch is very valuable around the ranch. Atascadero is a nice area a little hotter at times than I like but still a great area to live as you know, do you do any hog hunting up there?. We have hogs in our area a few times a year always deer and since I'm retired I hunt coyotes 3 or 4 times a weeks they have been tough on the calves around here. Just thought I'd say hello to Ya neighbor take care and enjoy your Kabota .......Dan
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