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  • Hokie, Yes,Thanks Hokie Iam ok but I went through Hell taking care of my Mother!She was 86 and passed away Feb.1st from complications from a hip surgery and got MRSA from hospital or rehab.center which is another issue.You are absolutely right about the gear box oil in mower deck,when it comes out lower drain bolt it is at the right level.The mechanics filled it to the top bolt and thank God it didn***8217;t blow a seal.I might upgrade from the bx2370 to the b2650,fel,60 inch mmm.I want more ground clearance and bigger FEL etc.I looked at all reviews and most said go with 2650 over the 2601.Iam used to the ground contact deck like my old b6200.I would have kept it but they didn***8217;t make decks anymore,should of got the Land Pride for 3pt hitch.I hope all you guys are doing well,another reason Iam looking at the b2650 is I got 6 inch SS rods in lower back and severe nerve damage the 2370 knocks the s*** out of me,looking for more comfort,clearance and b****.Hokie And guys have a Great Day.
    Hello All, Well Iam thinking of upgrading from the bx2370,fel 54***8221;mmm and looking at b2650,fel,60***8221;mmm over the b2601.What do you guys think, b2650 or b2601? Maybe it***8217;s me but Iam not fond of the suspended mower decks like the 2370-2601.My old b6200 was ground contact and had that from the 80,s till 2016.I should of kept the 6200 and got a land pride for the 3pt hitch.Wishing you guys the best!
    Rich - anytime !!!
    I hope you find the info you need here - lots of great folks! Holler at me anytime!
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