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    First tractor

    Your pallet fork specs are the same as my Kubota forks. Mine are adjustable and are SSQA. I have a 16" bucket on my backhoe with mechanical thumb and it's perfect. I use the backhoe and pallet forks all the time.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I've been putting in a new leach field for an old septic tank on our property. I'm amazed at how well the BH77 does. So glad I got the backhoe, since I dig and then need to turn around and move the dirt to have access to put the gravel in this trench. Loving the L3560 and 4WD! The trenches...
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    A knob is an attachment right?

    I bought the Kubota knob when I first got my new L3560 but have never put it on, and don't miss having one. The steering is so easy.
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    BH 77 backhoe bucket sizes

    I have a 12" and 16", I think that's a perfect setup. 12" for trenching, 16" for other stuff. In the desert we don't have wet dirt, but when it's moist sometimes I have to jar the 12" a few times for it to clear.
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    Vehicle $$$

    I've bought new vehicles for a long time, but keep them for a long time and don't put many miles on them. My new L3560 two years ago was as expensive as my 6 year old then Rubicon was, so it qualifies as most expensive at that time. This year we bought a new travel trailer, and my 2008 F-150...
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    BH77 - what's it worth

    Not sure what it would be worth but good luck with the sale. I have one on my L3560 and it's awesome.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I am amazed at how often I use my tractor. This week I used it to move and lift cabinets around to get them in place in my garage. I salvaged the cabinets from a shanty on our property. At 78 years old I can't lift them but I can lay them down and tilt them up. Once again Buster to the rescue!
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    It's 36' x 60'. It is one of the main reason we bought the property a few years ago.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Used my L3560 all week. Dug some creosote bushes out, exposed my old septic system to have it evaluated and permitted, and re-organized the garage. Wouldn't be without my backhoe and pallet forks!
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    Tractor sizing

    I have 10 desert acres and do dirt spreading, trench digging, brush digging, rock bucketing and pallet forking. I went through the same analysis 2 years ago and went with the L3560 primarily due to the heavier weight and the extra features, including the low fuel filler spout. I'm very happy...
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    B2650 skeleton/rock bucket

    I have a 60" Landpride skeleton rock bucket. This is on my L3560. Works great.
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    Tractor lives at another location?

    Mine is 15 minutes away on our separate rural desert property and that's where it's used. It's nice to have a getaway that close to home. I can go there every day!
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    Hydraulic Temp

    I've been using my BH77 for a couple of hours every day for the last few days and the boom cylinder does get pretty hot. It's only 2 years old with 190 hours and serviced by the Dealer at 50 hrs. So I guess this is normal.
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    Source for gloves?

    I bought some ULINE SECURE GRIP™ NITRILE GLOVES - POWDER-FREE, ORANGE, XL from Expensive at $17 for a box of 50 but they are great gloves. Nice grip and durable, I reuse them all the time.
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    B2650 / BH77 Backhoe worth it?

    I just finished exposing this sewer pipe yesterday that I'm going to move. The BH77 not only dug the trench but I used the bucket teeth in a vertical position to loosen the hard packed dirt around the pipe. Hand work was just shoveling the loose dirt on top and around the pipe.