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    New Tractor 5 acres

    I thought I might with the wood chipper, but honestly, as long as I don't do stupid stuff like try to chip 8" oak, it's been very good. I don't have a flail mower yet but it's on my list. I had a tornado go through and take a ton of trees down so most of the work is bucking and stacking large...
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    New Tractor 5 acres

    FWIW at this late stage...I have a nearly identical property, about 4 acres of woods plus 1 acre cleared around my home. I bought the LX2610 with grapple, no backhoe or MMM, and also picked up a Woodland mills WC68 for my chipping. I am amazed at what this tractor can do...skidding, grapple...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    It is from Amazon...this one
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Did a little stone work for the raised garden area, only about a square yard, but it was a whole lot easier than a wheelbarrow and shovel.
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    Solar battery charger for tractor

    Hello good OTT folks, my tractor is stored in a lean-to shed without any power close by and I was looking for a solution to keep my battery charged on the LX2610. It gets used mostly in cooler months and will likely not be started much over the summer time. Found a few solar chargers on...
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    2022 Kubota LX2610 jerky

    Have 50 hours on mine and I find the stick is very responsive, meaning, small movements result in just the right amount of bucket/grapple movement without being jerky. When I occasionally move the stick too quickly or too much it will jerk for sure. It's taken some practice but I can finesse it...
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    Credit Card BS...

    One word..."Discover". Best customer service.
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    OK has anybody

    In Georgia, yes. Actually had one that accidentally flew into my garage when door was up. Poor thing flew around for what seemed like hours before it finally figured out how to get out. I'm sure it was exhausted.
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    Love expressed by animals

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about.
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    3 point wood chippers

    Another WC68 owner here. Attached to my LX2610 I've chipped some pretty large hardwoods, up to 5" and this thing still rocks on. Cool part is you can control the infeed roller speed to help out on the large stuff. I think you're B2650 is the predecessor to the LX2610?
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    59 Years Ago.....

    Great story. Happy Anniversary to you both! And now you own tractors so probably still don't have money. :LOL:
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    Crusher run thickness under concrete slab

    Heavy red Georgia clay is my subsoil, and it’s not shallow.
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    Crusher run thickness under concrete slab

    I’ll rent a compactor for sure. Probably not going to add concrete right away either so time will be on my side.
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    Crusher run thickness under concrete slab

    Good day everyone. I have a lean-to shed that I will be putting some crusher run into in order to make a better surface for the tractor and implements. Eventually I may want to poor concrete in there. So I think that normally around 4" of crusher run is typical beneath a floating slab like this...
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    Awesome dogs thread

    Sadie (65lbs Boxer) on one of the many storm damage root balls. That one is hickory and about 30” diameter. (Neighbors house in background)