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  • thanks, i cut it and that helped a lot. I can still kind of hear the noise, but it is faint, before I could hear it over the motor. once again thanks
    Yes Mark, just get rid of that rib! Try putting some lube down the shaft first if you like, if you do the noise may go away for a little while.
    Mark make a Post on this question so everyone will see it and offer advice. It's probably brake squawl because the UDT is dirty or the wrong hydraulic fluid installed. Post it an see what everybody else thinks too.
    Mark if your going to tear down the axle please get a Works Shop Manual. You will run into many more question doing this and even with the manual you will have questions. I can get you a discount on one through Carver Equipment just by mentioning OB1 to Tim Honeycutt....

    Carver Equipment
    1600 S. Clinton Ave.
    Hwy 301 South
    Dunn, NC 28334
    910-891-7171 (fax)
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