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    Farmers are looking for less technology

    technology is great, well while it's working anyway:eek:
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    Home-built articulated tractor build.

    that is pretty slick;) great project
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    What engine (model number) is in the L2501?

    when I was looking I looked really hard at the 2501 and a friend suggested it is the same displacement as the tractor I ended up with (L 3400) which would (well in my simple mind) suggest a slightly more modest fuel and tuning setup, I know my 3400 is rated @ 34.7 / 2700 RPM's and the 24.8 at...
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    Did I get a good deal?

    I'd say you did well ;)
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    L3010/l3410 hst fenders needed

    have you tried here they may be able to find your parts if they don't have them
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    An Artificial Pancreas without the FDA

    very interesting ;):D
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    How many BX owners are there?

    I do remember seeing pics of the orange vega, I guess I was thinking it was not a true Yenko product but something some one had dreamed up, I love the covair, my dad had a spider??? it had a hair dryer on it and was pretty sporty
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    Kubota bx leveling ground + filling low spots

    vey nice video's ;)
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    How many BX owners are there?

    I don't remember a Yenko vega, I remember the Cosworth's though, even had one for a couple of days
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    Orange zero turns

    ^^^ they are a fine machine, just partial to Exmark Z's
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    Orange zero turns

    like a guy told me his would mow at X MPH, I said no it won't :rolleyes:, he informed me that in the manual it even states the performance, I told him go ahead and try to cut your place or about 99.9% of the other properties you'll be caring for at WOT travel speed and get back with me;), maybe...
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    New bx23s purchase not going as planned

    pitiful, but as mentioned, get on the horn and let the owners know, they probably have no idea that kind of work is leaving their shop:(
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    Paul Harvey

    Good stuff ;)
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    How many BX owners are there?

    pictures of my latest acquisitions
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    Lawn Roller

    very nice ;):D