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    Beware of aftermarket pistons

    Ugh. Well better than having to do the job twice. Or having a questionable piston come apart at full load....
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    Beware of aftermarket pistons

    Good catch on the iffy piston! There's a very short list of sources I'd buy Kubota parts from online, Messick's being one of them. I'd stay well away from the jungle place and their third-party merchants.
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    How to increase M9000 AC blower airflow?

    Does the "mode" switch (vent to defrost) work or have any effect? Being stuck, or stuck between modes, won't help with airflow. Also, is the fan smooth or does it vibrate and shake the whole cab liner? Have seen fan cages break apart on automotive/trucks, but no idea of it's a problem with...
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    M9000 a/c oil?

    Could anyone advise which air conditioning oil the M9000 uses (North America/US)? Owner’s manual does not specify, and Google is showing multiple recommendations (PAG46, ND8). Really don’t want to put the wrong stuff in.
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    M4-071 Exhaust manifold discoloration

    Agreed this is normal as the iron "seasons" (for lack of a better term) and gets the surface it'll have for life. Aside story: Years ago my workplace had an (undersized of course) machine working on a customer's site. Foreman calls in a panic: "It's overheating, it's running way too hot!"...
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    Block heater question

    Would anyone know what style block heater part #70000-91500 is? I.e. if it's threaded, frost plug tap-in, frost plug expanding tabs, etc.? Not seeing pictures of this anywhere, and would be helpful to know before ordering.
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    Farmer Revolt? - Right to Repair & JD

    My workplace fleet has GPS tracking, and they monitor all of that. Now, most of our drivers are pretty darned good and don't need a babysitter looking over their shoulders. But there's that fraction percent who ruin it for everyone. For the original discussion, ALL the makes need to take a...
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    M9000 hydraulic fluid leaks from vent

    Also have a M9000 that does similar. Doesn't foam, but it does burp/weep out the transmission vents. Not enough to drip, though it does attract dirt, which we just remember to clean off now and then. Machine has done this for years with no other problems that we've seen.
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    Joys of new tractors

    1. Any dropped bolt always stops on something halfway down, and: 2. That something is always a line or wire harness. :rolleyes: Glad you found that bolt, before it started biting into the cable! As for the leak here and from other posts, wonder why Kubota doesn’t use automotive-style spring...
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    M4 series fender 3-point control?

    Thanks for the input. Was thinking the guard might be a bit awkward so that's one reason I asked. :) But as you said the main intention is to avoid climbing on/off/on/off to tweak the arms just that little bit. Since it does work I'll have to give it a closer look!
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    M4 series fender 3-point control?

    Doing research into a 70-100hp cab tractor, and one of the MUST haves is a fender-mounted 3-point control that can be operated from the ground. Could anyone chime in on the mechanical one offered for the Kubota M4 series? Good/bad/ugly? Both the Kubota M6 and Deere 5/6 series offer...
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    Kubota Electric Tractor Survey

    If I had to choose between an electric and a current emissions diesel, features and cost being otherwise the same, I'd give the electric a close look. Esp. if its a utility machine that doesn't venture far from the buildings. Franky I don't care if it runs off elections or cetane or...
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    Changing out 25 yr old hydraulic hoses

    But hoses are pressure specific, so be sure whoever makes them is using the right stuff for the job. All hydraulic hoses should have their pressure ratings printed on them somewhere. If you're lucky you'll find a non-weathered spot on the original hoses that still have the ratings on them...
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    Almost 100 Hrs, No Regen?

    Indeed. Gotta love the notion of revving an engine and pumping fuel into the exhaust. For lower emissions.... On the other extreme, some of us remember the IH and Ford/NH diesels filling the shed with white smoke at startup. ;) While we don't need to go back to that, there's gotta be better...
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    M-series 2-speed MWFD: how does it "know" when to switch?

    Looking into a more recent M-series, and one of the features is a two-speed for the front axle. Guess it switches itself to a higher speed when turning for a tighter turning radius. Question is: how does the system "know" when to switch? Looked at the parts illustrations, found the clutch...