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    B6000E bogging down under any load especially with my pto/belt driven woods belly mower (304k)

    You might be able to clean some gunk off of it if there is any, but make sure you don't damage it, and I doubt it would do any good. Best to get a new one. They aren't designed to be cleaned, maybe you're thinking of the engine oil filter screen or the trans oil screen?
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    B6000E bogging down under any load especially with my pto/belt driven woods belly mower (304k)

    It sounds like a fuel issue to me. Are you sure you have good fresh clean fuel in it? Have you changed the fuel filter? If not, that'd be the first thing I'd do. You might have picked up some gunk when you ran it out of fuel.
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    No tach on BX1800???

    That looks good on there. I just ordered my Tiny Tach, not sure how I'll be able to mount it though. The dash panel doesn't have a lot of room on it.
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    No tach on BX1800???

    Hi all. I just bought a 2001 BX1800. It is in nice shape with a RCK54 22BX mmm, and 377 hrs on it. There is no tach on this model and am wondering how to get the right engine RPM to have the correct RPM on the PTO?
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    Is 3200 hrs high for a L4330?

    Hd, the fact that your unit has a phone number on the side of it indicates to me that it probably spent at least part of it's life in commercial service. This isn't always a bad thing as sometimes that means that it might have been on some kind of maintenance program. And while 3200 hrs isn't...
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    L3200 starting issue

    Check the ground cable connection wherever it attaches to the frame, make sure it is clean and tight.
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    Replacing stock headlight bulbs with LED

    I have these in my MX5000, plug n play, much brighter than stock, nice white light, and they don't melt your socket or housing.
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    L175/L185 LED Headlight upgrade conversion

    I bought a set from that same seller for my MX5000. They are a lot brighter than my factory bulbs and were truly plug and play. Fit perfect and seem to be good quality. These were the only ones that I could find with forward facing LEDs in the tips of the light, throws light further instead of...
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    After market non-Kubota filters?

    I have always been a firm believer in using OEM filters on all my Kubota equipment. I seen that video and it only convinced me even more.
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    ZB600-egl-s hard starting.

    Have you verified that both the new glow plugs are working correctly? Have you tried hitting the glow plugs for a longer duration? It does seem that you have something else going on here, but these would be something I'd want to eliminate as being possible culprits here.
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    GF 1800E

    Does any portion of the driveshaft to the deck rotate when you engage the pto?
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    Bought another L2250

    That could be the cause of the leakage, although you wouldn't think it would leak on both sides if it was just from pressuring up. But it wouldn't hurt to install even some kind of temporary vent, clean it up good, make sure the oil is clean and full, and run it for awhile and see if the leaks...
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    EverythingMoneyAttachments. All the money up front?

    If EA didn't take payment up front, they'd have to pay for the materials and supplies out of their own money. This would affect their cash flow and purchase volumes, and would probably mean they'd have to charge more for their products to maintain the same profit margin. The way they're doing it...
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    L2501 HST RPM?

    Your pic shows that to achieve the required 540 RPM on the pto, the engine needs to be at 2000 +/- RPM. That is probably pretty close to the peak torque / horsepower range of the engine, so no need to run the engine right to the pin. All that will do is burn more fuel, make more noise, and put...
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    B6000 hydraulics capabilities question

    I feel the same way. My B6000 won't win any races, but it'll run all day on a half gallon of diesel and is a lot easier than a shovel and a wheelbarrow. One thing I will say is that you don't want to "crank" on the steering wheel, especially with a bucket full. The steering boxes on these are a...