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    You need to get the Operators' Manual for G3200 to 6200 machines. If you do not already have one. It has a wiring diagram and from memory there are two safety switches. manual When I glanced at it after my post i realized the safety switches cannot stop the engine only prevent it from starting...
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    Leave the injection pump alone. You will make a small problem into a much bigger one. Is it possible a safety system was shutting down the tractor? Are you following the bleeding procedure in the Operators' manual? It does not sound like it! Describe how you are measuring fuel pump voltage...
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    Heater bypass valve

    A lot depends upon where in the fluid circuit the valve is placed. The natural tendency is to put the valve on the inlet to the heater core but then this leaves the core exposed to the lowest air temps. If your anti freeze protection level is not up to the coldest local temps, then more thought...
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    Killing the battery instantly on starting

    Thanks for providing the final chapter. it helps everyone learn. Dave
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    Snow tire recc.

    Remember when you have 4 x 4 you need to keep front and rear tire physical geometries in sync. There is a front to rear ratio of rolling circumferences built into the transmission. Years ago when 4 x 4 was just becoming more common companies like JD placed a front to rear ratio label on the back...
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    B7200 HST new owner wondering about 3 pt capability

    Russell King has pointed you to the site you need to get an Operators' manual. Manual Page 22 of this manual has a detailed chart showing how much you can lift or tow. The answer depends upon the distance from the end of the lift arms for stuff supported by the 3 pt hitch. Below is just a...
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    Killing the battery instantly on starting

    Now is time to turn your attention to the ground cable. Remove it at the frame end and polish the surfaces. If you have replacement ends on any battery cable buy new cables. Here are some examples: Do you have a multi meter? Dave
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    Heater bypass valve

    There are two different internal circuits for 3 way valves. This issue comes up often on large hydronic heating systems. I mention this just in case your valve is not doing what you expect. There are two types of 3-way ball valves: L-Port and T-Port. An L-Port can send flow one way or the other...
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    L2500 Manuals revisited

    I sent you a private message. Look for the envelope symbol at the top right corner of most pages. Dave
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    Heater bypass valve

    My concern, after seeing did not show a B2601 with a cab, is that the cooling circuit might have been interrupted in a non factory way. I have not studied this model but Kubota for many years has been using a Bottom Bypass thermostat cooling system on some. This model may not...
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    Heater bypass valve

    It would help if you described exactly where in the cooling circuit you put the heater core. Dave
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    l4200 3PH stumped…..

    The first place to start is to look for a bent or disconnected feedback rod. This link advises your 3 pt system where (at what height) the arms are at. Dave
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    Snow blower break shear bolts under light load.

    The only other factor that comes to mind is over tightening the shear bolts. Try using a nyloc nut and just snug it up. You are just trying to have the shear bolt in place when it is needed. It is not securing anything. Dave
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    Front end noise

    The WSM is scare on details but at the pivot point of the 4WD front axle there is an adjustment screw and lock nut. No details are provided but that would be the first place I would liik for slop causing noise. I will leave it to others to advise on oils. This info is usually in an Operators'...
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    Clicks but won’t start

    I looked over the photos you emailed me and your connections are in terrible condition and could well explain why you cannot get her started. This is a critical one; Every single battery cable joint needs to be opened, heavily wire brushed, corroded bolts replaced, frame touched with an angle...