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  • Hi Jerry. Oh ya a cab is nice. We got two major storms on the way and I'm looking forward to using the cabbed tractor. The BX with no cab is just to cold for me lol. Thank you so much for thinking of us during this holiday season. All the best to you during Christmas bad the new year. If you ever need anything just drop me a line to my email address at
    The very best to you and your family. God bless.
    Hi Jerry. Thanks for the message. First of all I'd like to say thank you for your years of service in the FD. You guys are the best. Also a Cat guy. Cool. Me too. I operated Cat equipment for many years and I personally think its still the best out there.
    As for the Kubota parking brake. We've all drove away with them on. I think I've done it more than most. That Penney sided park brake light in the dash that's obstructed by other items like the steeling column just wasn't doing it so I simply reworked a flashing light into the micro switch down on the park brake foot control and stuck the light on the windshield to where I could actually see the darn thing. Here's the short video of how it looks although I've made some minor improvements on it since this video it is essentially the same.
    Cheers. Paul
    Hey there Chief:
    I have a clutch issue with my B6000. How did your split go? easy? I am working up the intestinal fortitude to break mine too.

    Got any thoughts on the issue? Thanks, John
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