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    Kubota B2650 with B2782 snow blower

    The dealer has fixed it 3 times and they say it is all they can do.
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    Kubota B2650 with B2782 snow blower

    I have the above mentioned equipment. I have had a terrible problem with the front of the PTO drive line attaching to the snowblower. Specifically the set screw that clamps down on the keyway. The set screw will become loose and the it is riding only on the shear bolt and then it is only a...
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    B2782 problems

    I have a Kubota B2782 snowblower mounted on my B2650 tractor. I have had problems with the drive line connector coming off the blower. Specifically, on the ujoint there is a setscrew that clamps down on a keyway on the shaft of the blower. I think the set screw loosens to where the only thing...