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    2021 L3901 engine oil change

    I do my motor oil every 100. that turns into about once a year
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    Show us your Shop and Equipment

    I’ve added onto my shop 3 times now, and built 2 more large covered carports, just to keep everything out of the weather.
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    Kubota dark grey paint for my trailer

    I second Van Sickle tractor and implement paint. My local tractor place ( used to be TSC) now North 40. They stock gallons, quarts, and rattle cans all a great prices. If you splurge and get polyurethane hardener, it lasts much longer and adds to the finish. I’ve painted implements, trailers...
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    BX5450 Snow Blower Drive Chain Problem

    There is a set screw that holds the sprocket from walking in or out. I peened a spot on the shaft, then with the sprocket slid down the shaft, drilled into the shaft lightly, so the set screw goes into that spot, just where it needs to be. Problem solved! I still need a new chain every couple...
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    3 point log grapple

    That should be able to skid out some pretty large logs. Hope your have a good saw mill for lumber, or a way to process lots of firewood for home heating.
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    Question(s) about tending a brush pile fire with the tractor.

    Drop branches, push to the fire, back up….. Repeat till done
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    Question(s) about tending a brush pile fire with the tractor.

    I use my grapple all the time to feed the fire pit. I have 3 separate burn pit/pile areas depending on where I am on the property. There all dug out almost 2 feet deep about 10x10’ across. I burn huge piles of branches, brush and pine logs etc every year. Once the pile is going, I grapple a...
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    Removing Emblems

    A little off topic, but I just got limited edition emblems for my Kubota……
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    Bolt on/weld on front bucket grapple

    Having a grapple of any sort, is something you will never regret. I prefer a stand alone grapple, bout I use mine more than any other implement I have. I spend may days clearing brush and limbs. I have an older BX (2014) so although it’s not SQQA, I got the early Kubota Quick connect front, so I...
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    safety gear when taking down trees

    I cut lots of logs for firewood every year, due to blowdown, I have to cut up 20+ ( last year 80) trees every year. I use a forestry helmet, with ear protection and face screen. I usually wear protective glasses also.( keeps dust out of your eyes) I’ve been whacked across the face with branches...
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    Land plane

    I posted building one about 5 years ago. I placed my Blades at 5/8” below the side rails
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    Installing a block heater

    I installed a freeze plug block heater when I first had my Kubota delivered. My freeze plugs are pressed in. I used a 1/8” drill bit dipped in heavy red grease ( to collect metal shavings) drilled a hole in the freeze plug, after draining some antifreeze. Using a slide hammer, like you use to...
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    BX 80 front blower- what RPM's do you use?

    Need to see the consistency of the snow, then adjust accordingly. You adjust your forward speed according to depth and weight of snow as well. I go by “Feel” more than what a manual tells me
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    New guy intro and New Canopy for the BX25DLB

    Nice canopy fir sun and rain. It might last a day here in the woods. I have WAY too many trees to enjoy a cover
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    Ideas for improving cutting edge on B2782B front mount snowblower

    I picked up my rear blade fir $300. Well worth the effort of blowing away light snow, then blading into frozen stuff, creating two rows down the road (4 passes) then go back and blow it off.