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    Optimum Rpm.

    Right. Loafers are for motorcycle riding. Flip Flops are for tractor work :LOL:
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    Optimum Rpm.

    My 2003 Dodge CTD has a sweet spot of 2000 RPM in 5th or 6th pulling a load all day long. My Kubota seems to like 2000 RPM while disking so I run it there, when box blading and even for FEL work (except for delicate work). Of coarse 2600 for PTO work. However, the Kubota only has 60 hours...
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    Dang. Busted. I was looking for a new walker for my Mom and bought one. Now on google I am flooded with ads for walkers and potty chairs. How many potty chairs does a person need:rolleyes: Oh well, if looking at the occasional scantily clad lady is the price I have to pay than I guess I can...
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    I really cant complain about advertising especially since this is a great online forum and I am currently not paying anything but should since some of the advice I have gotten here has saved me some bucks. Why though do I keep getting advertisements for Bikinis, Swimsuits, tongs (or thongs?) and...
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    Buzzards=STIHL HT 131

    Always loved my Stihl chainsaws. I still am irritated at myself for not spending the extra bucks on a Stihl pole saw. Saved $200 bucks by getting a (wont start a brand war) and have regretted it ever since. Every time I have to rip the carb apart or the chain jumps or something else goes...
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    Gets frustrating sometimes. My 90 yo mother try's to roll with the punches but every update it seems like they change something. Recently they changed the tool bar on word and really messed her up for awhile. I bought her that copy in 2017 just so she wouldn't have to deal with changes but...
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    Admitting a stupid mistake

    Changed a clutch safety switch and ignition switch on a truck for sort of the same reason. Glad you are back in service again.
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    2019 L3901 crankcase pressure

    That's pretty wild. Kind of surprised the dipstick hadn't wiggled out in the past or that there isn't more gasket seepage.
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    So I went ahead and let a little air out..................

    That's what those are called? All these years I have been calling them that valve stem thingy. I have learned something and can now take the rest of the day off:) Totally hijacking the thread. Got a good recipe? I just bought some and was going to make some with cauliflower.
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    DPF regeneration video

    This video helped pound into my thick skull what the manual, sticker on the wheelwell and you guys have told me about the regen procedure. Not perfect but I liked it because the dashboard lights and buttons are the same as my L4701.
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    L4701 Engine model and series

    Good info, Thanks. I scraped some of the paint off and got my engine serial number. I already had a free can of grey paint from scraping the paint off the HST to get the S# for the dealer during that recall. He was so happy for not having to come out and do it and even happier that mine...
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    Air filters OEM or aftermarket

    I was focused on the container/box. If it was a snake it would have bit me. I cannot believe I missed it. Thanks
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    L4701 Engine model and series

    Main reason I wanted the engine serial number is in case it ever gets stolen. Other reason is so I can date the engine incase parts are slightly different from year to year (or sometimes month to month). So much paint on the numbers I cant read a few of them. Spoke with the parts guy at the...
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    L4701 Engine model and series

    LoL. Wonder why they used the German word Vier for 4. Left over from their alliance during WWII? Thanks for the info guys.
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    Air filters OEM or aftermarket

    Same with brushing your teeth. Just get new ones when the old ones fall out:). Mine doesn't. I know where they are installed on trucks but wonder where they would go on my L4701.