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  • just stumbled upon your post and the glow plug relay issue. I have a 2010 Grand L3940 Kubota and have a devil of a time starting it in cold weather. You mentioned that you ran a jumper wire from the battery directly to the glow plug connector for 10 seconds. Can you be more specific. Do I simply run a single wire from the positive battery terminal to the connector and hold it there for ten seconds. Then try and start the tractor? Wasn't sure if I needed to have the key switch on while connecting the jumper, etc.. I thought a circuit would need a ground connection as well. Just trying to confirm is this is my problem before pulling the dash, etc.. I've already checked the obvious, fuel filter, battery charged, etc.. thanks.
    Sent private message. Sorry for the delay in responding, but just noticed the inquiry.
    I had the grand l3940 before trading for l4760. The problem is more than likely the glow plug relay. It was built with a relay that couldn't handle the amp draw of the glow plugs. Their is an updated heavier glow plug relay to put on it. The relay is under the steering console cover. A few 10mm bolts to remove on lower cover and a couple of phililps form the gauge cluster. The relay is behind the cluster. It is center relay. When going to dealer to get replacement make certain that the 2 larger terminals are a gold looking color. This is the one that supplies more amperage to glow plugs and won't fail.
    I know this is a late post but thought it might help someone searching for this subject. My 2014 L3940HST got to where it was very hard to start when cold. After some troubleshooting I narrowed it down to the glow plug relay which is mounted under the cowling behind the guages. Turns out there was a service bulletin from Kubota in Dec. 2014 saying that there was an issue with the spade connectors on the relay. The connectors were too small which caused a loose connection on the "power" side of the relay. The new relay I purchased from Kubota had much wider and thicker spades but still plugged into the existing relay base. This fixed the problem.
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