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    L4630 - chains for *front* tires

    Curious... Did the OP have any sucess?
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    L4630 - chains for *front* tires

    Maybe give these guys a call. They've been in business a long time and can probably recommend an option. Farm Tractor Tire Chains | Johnstown, PA 15901 814-248-3375 (FAX) 814-495-4526 Post back if you find something.
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    Sent private message. Sorry for the delay in responding, but just noticed the inquiry.

    Sent private message. Sorry for the delay in responding, but just noticed the inquiry.
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    L4060 HST

    Curious how this ended.
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    L5740 surging forward and reverse

    Curious if any progress has been made on the diagnostics or if problem solved. The instrument panel can provide feedback on stored error codes, and view sensor outputs with engine off and running. This can be helpful in understanding if one of the sensors is acting up. Hold both switches down...
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    Cold Weather Starting Problems

    Modern glow plugs become almost white hot in 3-4 seconds, so 10 seconds should be plenty. On machines such as my L4740-3 the computer only keeps them on for a maximum 10 seconds. While they turn on very quickly when power is removed, the decay (cool down) period is much longer. Meaning when...
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    L3540 HST driving strange - Swash Plate Sensor fix

    According to the WSM there is a difference between the HST Pedal Sensor and the Swashplate Position Sensor. They do look the same, but they have different part numbers. Here's what the WSM states:
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    L3540 Lurches with high rpms.

    During research for a problem a friend is having with his tractor, I read this post and want to add clarity about the two sensors: HST Pedal and Swashplate Position sensor. Mr. Wolfman posted the correct part numbers (at least during the time of this post) and they DO use the same bench test...
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    B2400 slow to start on first start.

    2nd the voltage drop test. There are many videos available to demonstrate the technique.
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    Brand new owner. Ballast?

    Rear 3-pt weight similar to the load being lifted.
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    Turf Tires on R4 Rims

    Maybe this will help. Price list was a bit old, but should give some idea.
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    HST fluid change with filters

    Duplicate post.
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    HST fluid change with filters

    Looked up both hydraulic filters and 11 1-gal containers of UDT2 at Messick's and it came in at $355.42 Filter 1: $46.63 Filter 2: $65.58 UDT2: 11x$22.11 or $243.21
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    Are any after market tires the same size as kubota

    The OP can check the tire specs posted by each tire manufacture to verify they are the same. 5 minutes searching will uncover the manufactures tire catalog with all the tire specs. If the tire doesn't match published specs, take it up with the supplier/manufacture. After verifying tire...
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    4760 snowblower

    Buy it and adjust your speed given the conditions. When the snow is easy to toss, you'll enjoy the extra speed or just the ability to blow a wider path (blower width / tire width ratio). In deep wet snow slow down and be glad your tires aren't driving in any of the spillage. For years I used a...