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  1. eserv
    4 Weeks Ago
    Pretty good summer here. I retired last year and moved to Hardisty. Have spent my time working on my 90 year old house.
  2. Service Dept Vic
    4 Weeks Ago
    Service Dept Vic
    How's your summer goin Ed?
  3. Service Dept Vic
    Service Dept Vic
    Ed-holy crap, I missed your shout out request for transmission gear help! Sorry brotha! You get that thing back together, still need, find a donor/parts unit? Vic
  4. eserv
    Still here! semi retired now only work 3 day a week!
  5. Service Dept Vic
    Service Dept Vic
    Ed, where are you brotha!
  6. Frank minarchi
    Frank minarchi
    Hi Ed it's frank could u help me out with trying to install rear remotes on my 3200 with trying to ty the lines into the bh77 couplers still. I'm lost with the instructions I got I know the out on remote goes back to the tank with a tee fitting. And I think the top of the 3 pt lift were the backhoe pipe connection is is the in line to the remote then the power beyond pipe coming out of remote goes were? Female coupler on backhoe or male side then what happened to the other backhoe connection cap it off? Thanks
  7. ADDfarmer
    Hi, Ed! I was kind of hoping that you'd caught that the new fuel shutoff relay didn't work for me. It was either DOA or it died when I put it in my tractor and tried to start it. I can still jump across the relay's harness and start the tractor.

    My light circuits are working (along with everything else except the starting) fine. I've only taped the red/white white wire on the OPC for switch power. Now that I have the light relays wired correctly (they're new and working) there should no longer be any threat of power back-feeding from the light relays. Can you tell me if this red/white wire on the OPC is or isn't OK to catch switched power from?

    Just can't see how the shuttoff relay if being puked. Maybe it was DOA?
  8. Frank minarchi
    Frank minarchi
    Hey Ed we took the cover off this morning spring was fine just very stiff to move. So we soaked it in wd40 and now it springs back really good. Ran into Travis at Edmonton kubota today and he also said to put some dielectric grease on it so we just did and all good so hopefully it stays clean and lubercated. Thanks for the help. Frank
  9. Frank minarchi
    Frank minarchi
    hey Ed what is the reason behind the 2 stage dump spool on my tractor. What would i use that for?Every time i push it all the way to the right it does nothing. Frank
  10. Frank minarchi
    Frank minarchi
    Glow plug are fine but i did find the amps range between 9-10.50 on each one. Should they be reading 12 when glow plugs are turned to on?

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