ZB1400 Grey Market Kubota

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Kubota ZB1400, John Deere 2040, Mitsubishi D1600
Jul 3, 2023
Longview Washington
My buddy bought this years ago for cheap, been good running for years, but nobody did regular maintenance to it. I started brush hogging blackberries for him last year, blew out the air filter(filthy), changed the oil(filthy), cleaned the radiator output, new "please don't freeze" & washed out the fins on the radiator as it doesn't have a temp gauge on it. It had no working brakes and fixed that by ordering a spring that broke inside the brake shoe housing. But stupidly didn't get around to changing the fuel filter.
Always started right up within 15-20 seconds of glo-plug Preheat everytime. Puffy black smoke at startup, but cleared up after 30 seconds to a minute.
3 days ago it was working great, chomping up blackberries and all of a sudden started belching black smoke, nearly 95% power loss. Limped it back to the barn.
Went out to the farm yesterday and pulled air filter, dirty, but not horrible. Pulled the fuel filter and it was horrible.
I'm going to replace the fuel filter and air filter, also after reading forum posts, probably wouldn't hurt to look at the muffler.
Should I go as far as pulling the injectors and testing them too? An old timer gave me his injector tester before he passed away, so I'm glad I have that little toy!
I don't want to even think about it being the injector pump.
I did one on my grey market Mitsubishi D1600 & it was a pain in the backside. But I have a place in Portland that rebuilt mine for around $300 I believe.
He got a manual when he bought this & it is supposed to be comparable to the B6100 or B6200/ B7100 or 7200. I can't remember right now, and don't have the manual as I write this.
Is there anything else I should do or know before I crawl into this thing?